Diazepam Side Effects 

Diazepam Side Effects

Diazepam side effects vary widely from mild to severe and even life-threatening in some cases. Reportedly, some people tolerate the drug quite well, primarily when used for the short-term in conjunction with alcohol detox, or used as a fast-acting anti-anxiety agent.

Other persons may experience more extreme reactions, making it a poor choice for their long-term treatment. Alternative to Meds Center specializes in providing holistic mental health treatment without the use of harmful medications, to restore their quality of life healthfully. However, we know that once a person starts their prescription for diazepam, they may find the side effects are untenable and may wish to discontinue the drug. Although the person may wish desperately to get off the medication, it can prove to be more than they can handle. We can help.

Reported Side Effects Of Diazepam

There are hundreds of documented side effects linked to Diazepam; here are some of the most troubling ones:

  • coma
  • seizure
  • memory loss
  • suicidal thoughts
  • hypotonia (floppy muscles as seen in cerebral palsy etc.)
  • hemolytic anemia
  • periods of stopped breathing
  • ataxia (clumsiness)
  • decreased blood platelets
  • decreased white blood cells
  • giant hives
  • enlarged liver
  • liver problems
  • cannot empty bladder
  • slurred speech
  • dizziness
  • cramps
  • delirium
  • pink eye
  • stomach burn
  • extreme loss of body water

What is Diazepam Prescribed to Treat?

Diazepam has acquired a history of safe use for detox purposes, to prevent seizures or other risks of alcohol withdrawal. Physicians prescribe it to treat anxiety, panic attacks, and different situations where a sedative is thought to be an acceptable, fast acting choice. Long-term usage, however, has come under scrutiny and has been warned against by the FDA and in other international drug oversight authorities because of the health risks that can develop.

Best Way to Treat Diazepam Side Effects

Alternative to Meds Center offers a safe and gentle taper program that has helped thousands of clients to reduce and eliminate their medications. Diazepam side effects can be treated using sound and proven protocols. Emotional and mental symptoms that could have been the reason for the prescription in the first place, also seem to respond very well to protocols that we use in the program at the Alternative to Meds Center.

An essential step in healing from medication side effects is a cleanse, to ensure that the body burden of toxicity is cleared out, which can make a remarkable shift in feeling less symptomatic, more energetic, and can signal better health overall. Many clients have experienced a decrease in overall anxiety and other symptoms, simply from clearing out the neurotoxins that have accumulated from environmental contaminations, chemicals in processed food, harsh cleaning chemicals, and so on.

Nutritional deficiencies are often linked to symptoms such as depression and anxiety and have proven efficacious in the treatment of mental and emotional distress, without the use of drugs. In treating diazepam adverse effects, flooding the body with the elements that are missing can be extremely helpful even in the first stages of recovery from drug damage.

Contact any of our knowledgeable admissions staff for more information on our program, today. You do not have to suffer from debilitating symptoms that reduce the quality of your life. Call us and find out how easy it is to enroll in our Diazepam withdrawal treatment program for addressing your health concerns and other problems related to diazepam side effects.

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