Ambien Alternatives

Ambien Alternatives

At Alternative to Meds Center, we know that there are Ambien alternatives and better solutions for mental health problems besides a lifetime of taking Ambien.

For people troubled by anxiety, depression, insomnia or other conditions that have been unresponsive to Ambien or unable to tolerate the side effects and the risks of physical dependence, Ambien alternatives help could change your life. Alternative to Meds Center offers Ambien alternatives treatment that allows people to taper off of this medication safely and comfortably and begin to use sustainable, holistic alternatives to Ambien.

Though people are often prescribed Ambien, also known as Zolpidem Tartrate, for short-term treatment of insomnia, the drug is often not well tolerated, and many individuals seek more natural alternatives to Ambien for insomnia treatment. Zolpidem has sedative and hypnotic effects, similar to that of a benzodiazepine; it binds to the same GABA receptor sites that benzodiazepine medications do. This sleeping pill may not work adequately or cause serious Ambien side effects, including physical or psychological dependence to the drug or addiction, and difficult withdrawal symptoms if use of the sleeping pill is discontinued. Alternative to Meds Center provides effective, lasting benzodiazepine alternatives for insomnia and knows how to relieve cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

When sedative sleeping pills aren’t working or are causing significant problems, individuals may consider Ambien alternatives treatment. In most cases, identifying and treating the underlying problems and causes or using specific behavioral techniques may significantly help to treat insomnia. Insomnia may be a result of one or more of many possible underlying psychological or medical problems. In many of these cases, through treating the medical or psychological condition with alternative to Ambien methods, insomnia will improve. Additionally, identifying certain behaviors such as smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol, which can worsen insomnia and eliminating (or reducing) these behaviors may profoundly benefit a person during insomnia treatment. Alternative to Meds Center provides customized regimens for each client, with individualized recommendations for diet, supplementation and nutritional needs. We aim to identify and correct the causes of the symptoms that led you to take Ambien.

include behavioral techniques that can be used to improve sleep, such as sleep restriction therapy, reconditioning and relaxation therapy. Sleep restriction therapy may benefit individuals with insomnia who spend too much time in their bed trying to fall asleep unsuccessfully. At first, a sleep restriction program may consist of allowing only a few hours of sleep at night. Sleep time is gradually increased until a normal night of sleep is achieved. Reconditioning is another therapy that can help people with insomnia by reconditioning them to only associate their bed with sleep. This can consist, for most people, of not using their beds for anything except for sleep and sex. Alternative to Meds Center clients receive individualized attention based on their unique situation and needs.

Relaxation therapy is another form of Ambien alternatives help, a behavioral technique that can improve insomnia. Specific and effective techniques exist that can eliminate or at least vastly reduce body tension and anxiety. As a result of these therapies, the muscles relax, the individual’s mind is able to stop “racing”, and restful sleep can occur. It can take practice and proper instruction to effectively learn these techniques but is worthwhile to achieve effective relaxation. Alternative to Meds Center’s rehab program offers comprehensive help that includes using natural substances to support the neurochemistry, removing neurotoxins accumulated in the individuals system from use of the drug and environment, peer support, and the beneficial effects of many therapies created to promote relaxation such as massage, physical exercise, acupuncture, sauna therapy, and yoga.

Ambien and Ambien CR alternatives. We use scientific, natural approaches to balance the body and brain. With most people, rapid Ambien alternatives treatment doesn’t take away their troubles, because once the medication is gone, the insomnia or anxiety may still be there. The goal at Alternative to Meds Center is to provide relief that lasts. The scientific methods we use to end medication use and stabilize the brain have helped more than a thousand people achieve mental health naturally. We can help you achieve the results you deserve. Professional counselors are available to answer questions.

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