Ambien Addiction

Ambien Addiction

Ambien addiction and Ambien abuse stories cast dark shadows in unexpected places when it comes to this specious but popular sleeping drug.

Touted by drug makers in the beginning as "non-habit forming", and safer than benzo drugs with fewer side effects, Ambien has now become the #1 sleeping pill prescribed in the US. The drug has replaced earlier sleeping pills (banned for psychosis/suicide reactions). Also called the "forget drug," Ambien also made it to #1 on the list of most frequently used date-rape drugs.

According to SAMHSA, recent figures showed that Ambien came in at #15 after tallying the sales numbers for all prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. The pharmaceutical company that owns Ambien makes nearly $2 billion per year marketing their top sleep aid drug. Impressive statistics!

Ambien addiction now adversely affects millions of Americans who have collided with this powerful hypnotic-sedative drug, which Ambien addiction now adversely affects millions of Americans who have collided with this powerful hypnotic-sedative drug, which when taken for as little as a few weeks, causes severe health risks when abruptly stopped. Dark shadows loom, indeed.

Ambien Sleeping Pill With Bizarre Side Effects

Were it not for the highly publicized mishaps of individuals while using Ambien, the bizarre and troubling side effects of this sedative-hypnotic drug might never have been so thoroughly revealed. Celebrities like Tiger Woods, Eminem, and others have recounted their nightmarish experiences with Ambien in their memoirs and court rooms, and ordinary people have suffered just as much whether their Ambien stories ended up in the news or remained hidden out of the spotlight.

Ambien induces unconsciousness, and causes memory erasure, meaning after you take the drug, you may "wake up" as in

a trance, and do things you would not normally do, and will not remember doing, such as these documented examples:

  • sleep-walking
  • sleep-talking
  • sleep-driving
  • running over someone or crashing your car into a building
  • agreeing to have, or initiating sex with a stranger
  • sleep-eating or sleep-cooking, perhaps where you leave the stove on and burn the house down
  • stabbing a loved one in their sleep
  • and many more disturbing examples.

Ambien Abuse and Insomnia

Doctors most commonly prescribe Ambien for help with insomnia. As good as a hammer for knocking out the patient, unfortunately, the knock-out effect of the drug does not last very long. To combat the patient coming out of the induced unconscious state, often another prescription drug will be used, or the patient will drink alcohol or will take additional doses of Ambien to try and lengthen the sleep state.

A sustained release version of the drug was made available, but unfortunately, the effects wear off so slowly that the next day, patients are advised not to do any driving or operate machinery where they need sharp mental faculties.

Patients who are sincere in their efforts to get a good night's sleep often become trapped and need to continue inducing the unconscious state by using the drug more frequently than the prescription states, or in higher quantities. In both cases, the likelihood of dependence on the drug becomes very high.

Ambien-addiction, Recreational Use

Ambien intoxication by crushing and snorting the drug, or mixing it in drinks, or combining the drug with other substances, such as alcohol or marijuana, is increasingly popular among recreational users. The bizarre hallucinatory effects and euphoric highs trap the user quickly into a state of Ambien addiction.

The drug is a CNS depressant, meaning it suppresses the heart-rate and breathing, along with cognitive function, and can do so to the point of death. Ambien is cheap, easy to procure, hard to detect in a drug test, and legal which makes it one of the most dangerous drugs available. Ambien addiction and recreational use costs much in terms of quality of life.

Ambien for Sex Entrapment and Rape

Ambien is used by sexual predators to induce a state of unconsciousness and suggestibility, making it the top choice for a Date-Rape drug. Ambien is tasteless, odorless and colorless and does not show up on a drug test after a very short time. The memory erasure that Ambien causes is another reason why it is a popular choice, as the victim will not remember much or any of what has happened, making a court conviction against the rapist much harder to obtain. There have been enough instances of successful Ambien-date-rape convictions to prove that the drug is dangerous to the extreme.

Better Ways to Solve Insomnia

Insomnia causes untold stress and costs millions in lost job-productivity, and there needs to be a safer, more diligent effort to help those suffering from the inability to sleep without the use of dangerous and unpredictable drugs like Ambien. At the Alternative to Meds Center, insomnia is one of the conditions we see most often.

We offer Ambien withdrawal treatment and we also provide treatment for insomnia using non-drug based protocols, gradual titration, and in some cases, we employ the temporary use of bridge medications to ease withdrawal. Additionally, we perform labs that test for, find and repair the true causes of the situation. We can help. Call us today at the number listed on this page if you or a loved one is suffering from the damage of insomnia or Ambien addiction.

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