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Temazepam Withdrawal

Temazepam users can suffer one of the most challenging processes of Temazepam withdrawal when experiencing Temazepam discontinuation symptoms. Alternative to Meds Center provides methods of Temazepam withdrawal help that effectively ease protracted withdrawal symptoms and make this process easier and more comfortable.

“Alternative to Meds Center helped me to get off anti-anxiety pills. I had been taking prescription anti-anxiety pills for about 8 years. I repeatedly tried to get off of these drugs alone and the withdrawals sent me to the emergency room. I just didn’t function without them. Alternative to Meds Center has given me nutritional education and support, time and patience. They gave me the help I needed to get off of this terrible so called medication and for this I thank them. Thank you very much Alternative to Meds Center!”


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You do not have to go through Temazepam withdrawal alone. We use a scientific approach proven to relieve this process.

Temazepam can be a highly addictive benzodiazepine. Benzodiazepine withdrawal is often an option people choose to take after long term use of this medication. The withdrawal from any benzo, including this one, can cause painful physical and troubling psychological symptoms.

The length and severity of the withdrawal may depend on how long the person has been taking the benzodiazepine, what their dosage is, and many other variables. In some cases, people report many months or years until they have fully recovered to their normal state of being after withdrawal. However, with professional Temazepam withdrawal treatment, withdrawal symptoms can be effectively alleviated so that medication users may discontinue this drug with little discomfort.

The luxurious environment of our world-class rehab provides the ideal situation for quitting Temazepam comfortably

Temazepam is also known by its brand name Restoril, most commonly prescribed for anxiety, and withdrawal from this medication can be dangerous if not done properly under medical Temazepam withdrawal treatment. Suddenly stopping use of this medication can bring on life threatening seizures; this is one of the rare but more concerning Restoril withdrawal side effects. Once withdrawn from the drug, anxiety is often worsened.

Some of the side effects associated with chronic use of this drug may include memory loss, increased anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, muscular problems and depression. Some withdrawal symptoms are physical, such as headaches, nausea, or blurred vision, while other symptoms are psychological and directly affect emotions, mood and ration thinking. At Alternative to Meds Center, we provide comprehensive Temazepam tapering methods and holistic therapies targeted to relieve withdrawal.

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Are you ready for something TRULY effective?

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Withdrawal occurs while the neurochemistry tries to create balance. We can help you transition to neurochemical stability safely and smoothly

There is a wide range of possible side effects from getting off Temazepam, with the most common symptoms being: dizziness, fatigue, nausea, nervousness, agoraphobia, sluggishness, migraines, insomnia, difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, nightmares, anxiety, panic attacks, abnormal sweating, fever, chills, backache, body aches and pains, difficulty breathing, chest pain, heart palpitations, abnormal discomfort, burning and watery eyes, diarrhea, dry mouth, abdominal and muscle cramps, convulsions, seizures, tremors, vomiting, severe depression, abnormal food cravings, weight gain, weight loss, loss of equilibrium, vertigo, muscle spasms, uncontrollable emotions, extreme sensitivity, and suicidal thoughts. After the physical Temazepam withdrawal symptoms are over, the psychological effects (cravings, worsened anxiety, agoraphobia, etc.) often tend to linger, this is also known as protracted or prolonged benzodiazepine withdrawal.

You don’t have to suffer from protracted Temazapam withdrawal

Temazepam withdrawal syndrome is temporary and will pass by quickly with professional Temazepam withdrawal help. Withdrawing from benzos without tapering down slowly is usually unsuccessful and can lead to a relapse. Replacing this drug with another is often not the answer either.

Withdrawing at home is often unsuccessful as well. People need as much help as they can get during this time of recovery. If a person wants to be free of prescription drug use, they can easily get help. Having help and support through withdrawal is essential for a healthy, happy and comfortable recovery. In the hands of our knowledgeable prescription medication rehab, withdrawal can be conquered.

We work to find what is causing symptoms of mental health and  provide personalized scientific solutions for underlying problems

Exercising, relaxation techniques, dietary changes, nutritional therapy, supplements and vitamins, counseling, peer support, and learning how to cope with anxiety in natural, drug free ways are a few of the things that may help to set a person free from Temazepam. Benzodiazepine drugs are prescribed to lessen anxiety and for promotion of sleep. But when they are used for a prolonged time, these drugs often cause more problems to develop than they were originally prescribed to treat, such as pronounced symptoms of withdrawal. Alternative to Meds Center finds in most chronic anxiety cases, that the person has an accumulation of neurotoxins. For example, heavy toxic metals which are over-stimulating to their nervous system. This is what could have led to initial benzodiazepine use.

Even the original causes of Temazepam use can be better managed without the drug, since the body eventually becomes tolerant to it

These medications are the most common type that we address, as withdrawal from these drugs can emerge extreme anxiety, seizures, and prolonged withdrawal which can be very difficult to endure without support. Our techniques for this specific class of drugs are diverse but include gentle Temazepam withdrawal schedules, lab testing, a removal of neurotoxins which have built up in the individuals system from the drug or due to environmental sources, natural substances to provide neurochemical support, support from peers, and the many benefits of therapies targeted to create relaxation such as meditation, sauna, massage, and acupuncture.

We are a professional team that works diligently on your behalf. Are you ready for help that is real and truly successful?

Has it ever felt like you have tried every way possible to stop taking Temazepam or other benzos, but nothing works? Have you ever thought that your central nervous system could be over-stimulated by toxins? For most individuals, rapid withdrawal doesn’t relieve their problems, because anxiety is still there when the drug is no longer present.

We not only focus on relieving withdrawal symptoms, we work to  uncover the reasons that led you to take Temazepam in the first place

We have worked together with one thousand different people within our 24 hour residential environment, and we are highly familiar with this problem. Former benzo users graduate each week from our center. Their friends and families are amazed that we actually found a way to solve the problem, and that the participant has gained adequate knowledge to sustain their newfound tranquil lifestyle. Please call in order to understand the kind of Temazepam withdrawal help that is available for you, or for the person you love. We’re here to make sure these problems are handled successfully.

You can be happy and healthy without prescription medication. We have trained counselors available to answer your questions.

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We are licensed for medication withdrawal as a Level 2 Residential Behavioral Health Treatment Center, which is just below that of a Level 1 hospital. According to our licensing agency, we are the most committed in the State of Arizona, possibly the country, at helping people reduce and eliminate the need for medications. Most treatment centers actually put people on drugs and provide minimal counseling and a poor diet. We specialize in withdrawing people from psychiatric medication in a relaxed, luxurious, retreat-like setting.


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