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Norco Withdrawal


Is it one of your ultimate desires to stop taking Norco, however, you have fears of experiencing Norco withdrawal symptoms, or unending pain and craving? Has it seemed like the amount of this opiate that is taken by you or the person you love keeps on increasing, but the pain problems do not decrease?

What if you were able to prevent the complications of withdrawal with Norco withdrawal help and you or your loved one could live with no or little continuing pain? The underlying causes of the original pain symptoms can be more efficiently treated without opiate medications, since the body ends up accumulating a tolerance for them.

Individuals who want to stop using this medication do not have to do this on their own; in fact, an unsupported withdrawal can be dangerous or very uncomfortable without having professional Norco withdrawal treatment. This medication is classified as an opiate, also known as Hydrocodone, and is prescribed as a pain reliever for mild to moderately severe pain. It has a high potential of being abused, misused, and causing an opiate dependency to develop. Hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms from this drug and others may be physically and psychologically challenging. Thus, there is a high importance of having proper support through withdrawal.

Everyone experiences the process of discontinuing this medication differently. Not every person who goes through this withdrawal will have the same symptoms. For some individuals, it is mild. For others, it feels unbearable. These symptoms can appear within hours of reducing dosage or discontinuing completely, and can last for days, weeks, or months. The duration of symptoms can depend on how severe the Norco addiction is, and the amount and frequency of which the drug was used. Norco withdrawal symptoms commonly reported to occur include: strong cravings for the drug, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, chills, yawning, cold flashes, sweating, loss of appetite, chills, insomnia, restlessness, hot flashes, bone and muscle pain, and involuntary leg movements.

The anxiety and fear of having to experience a period of opiate withdrawal keeps many persons from searching for Norco withdrawal help to overcome their addiction or physical dependence to the drug. Many opiate dependent persons were initially put on a painkiller following a painful injury, surgery, or other trauma. Other persons, often those with sensitive types of personalities, may feel drawn to using painkillers because they help to dampen emotional sensitivity. The way opiate painkillers work is through falsely duplicating the actions of the natural painkillers within the body: endorphins. When people are low endorphins, they feel other people’s emotions too sensitively. This over-sensitivity can start to be very painful for them emotionally. If an individual of this personality uses an opiate, they may feel “normal” for once.

When the drug is withdrawn, there are no endorphins for blocking pain. However, when Norco withdrawal treatment is approached correctly, this process if generally easy and totally tolerable. At Alternative to Meds Center Sedona rehab, receiving endorphin building nutrients will make this a surprisingly mild process for the individual in opiate withdrawal. Using nutrients for building the natural pain killers of the body successfully helps relieve the withdrawal, offers long-term relief and also lowers the possibility of relapsing on Norco addiction in the future.

We have helped about one thousand people in our Arizona opiate rehabilitation program, and we do know this problem very well. Every week, we have ex opiate users graduating our Sedona rehab program. Family members and friends attend our graduation events, and they are stunned by how we found solutions to the complications, and that the participant they know and love has gained all of the knowledge of sustaining a life that will offer support to their newfound peace and happiness. We invite you to call us and find out about the type of Norco withdrawal help that is available for you or the person you love. Our Arizona opiate rehabilitation program’s purpose is to help guide you through this experience successfully.


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