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Librium Alternatives


t Alternative to Meds Center, we recognize that there are effectual Librium alternatives and other resolutions besides long term Librium use. Individuals who are concerned about side effects, the chance of addiction, or other Librium related problems; Librium alternatives help is available. Alternative to Meds Center provides scientific ways for people to taper off this medication and shift into using safe, effective alternatives to Librium.

We have efficiently helped thousands of individuals get off medications and overcome the underlying problems. Please call Today for a free consultation.

“I was constantly fatigued. I suffered sweats, intense anxiety, and an inability to relax and get to sleep. I was put on benzodiazepine medications at a hospital; I experienced withdrawal symptoms when reducing the dosage of the medications and almost a heart attack when I quit taking one of them. I withdrew from my medications at NOVUS, NOVUS recommended Alternative to Meds Center for my underlying problems. ATMC put me on a treatment regimen of supplementation, exercise, a non-sugar diet and chelation therapy featuring dry sauna. ATMC’s program pulled out toxins and stabilized the underlying health of my body so that it could heal itself naturally. They additionally provided acupressure, massage and more. They also ran tests that identified I had too much lead in my system – at least 17x’s too much. Simply put, I arrived feeling like I was going to die and within weeks I felt alive again. Thank you ATMC.”


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Do you want to get off Librium and address underlying issues alternatively? But you are afraid of withdrawal or other problems?

Librium is used to lessen anxiety, control irritable bowel syndrome and to lessen the agitation that is caused from alcohol withdrawal; however, there are many valid reasons why users of this medication would want to try alternatives to Librium. First of all, this medication is part of an addictive group of drugs named benzodiazepines. Librium, also known as its generic name Chlordiazepoxide, can be extremely habit forming. Tolerance can develop to the drug after excessive or long-term use, making the medication less effective. Although getting off of this medication and trying Chlordiazepoxide alternatives may be a remarkably effective decision, this medication should not be stopped without medical consultation. Alternative to Meds Center is equipped with medical staff that is capable of safely tapering individuals off of benzodiazepines and designing successful alternative treatment plans.

We can help you get off Librium with little or no pain and live your life without medication or lingering symptoms.

Suddenly stopping the drug can worsen the condition for which the drug was prescribed and cause symptoms of withdrawal ( irritability, sleeplessness, anxiousness ). In addition to the easily habit-forming effects of this medication, the side effects can include suicidal thoughts, double vision, slurred speech, amnesia or memory loss, lack of coordination, difficulty urinating, muscle tremors, seizures, and when taken while pregnant, there is a possibility of birth defects. Benzodiazepines, such as Librium, Valium and Xanax most particularly affect GABA ( gamma-aminobutyric acid ), the main neurotransmitter of the body. GABA communicates messages that are inhibitory, helping to offset and balance excitatory messages.

We stabilize the brain using drug-free, scientifically proven techniques.

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Anxiety disorders are often a result of reduced GABA levels. Medications such as Librium, Valium and Xanax spend all of the GABA. When the GABA is all gone, more side effects can present, and everything is often over-stimulating. Many individuals do not realize that GABA is available in the form of a powder which can be taken as a nutritional supplement. However, taking a GABA supplement is usually not effective anyway after taking a benzodiazepine. This is because the toxicity from the benzodiazepine and the person’s environment will often impair the utilization of GABA supplements. Methods of Librium alternatives help that are the most effective are usually uniquely created for each person to fit their needs. At Alternative to Meds Center, each client receives entirely individualized treatment, designed by medical professionals.

We discover and fix the underlying problems that led to Librium use.

Many individuals seek Librium alternatives treatment for a more effective way to relieve their symptoms, and sometimes they are just looking for natural alternatives to a chemically made drug. Mild types of anxiety can often respond exceptionally well to talk therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy. In order to relieve symptoms of anxiety through talk therapy, natural Librium alternatives may be used in conjunction with the talk therapy. As an example, symptoms of anxiety are addressed with various health disciplines such as acupuncture, massage, vitamins and nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, Bach Flower Therapy, homeopathy and other benzodiazepine alternatives. As an adjunctive therapy to any anxiety treatment or used alone during bouts of anxiety, breath-work, relaxation training, meditation and yoga can be incredibly helpful. Thought Field Therapies and other types of Energy Psychology have also been found to be immensely useful for therapeutic management of anxiety or other conditions.

Clients receive treatment that is entirely customized to meet their needs.Save & Exit

Librium is given to decrease anxiety, manage symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, and promote sleep. However, when used for a prolonged time, it will often produce more side effects or other problems than it was meant to manage, including pronounced medication withdrawal. The Alternative to Meds Center Sedona drug treatment program discovers in most cases of anxiety that the person has an accumulation of toxins including heavy toxic metals that are causing overstimulation to their nervous system. Benzodiazepines are the medications which we most commonly address as an unsupported withdrawal may be virtually impossible. The methods used in our program for this particular type of drug, include careful tapering methods, cleansing of neurotoxins that accumulated in the individual’s body from the drug and their environment, neurochemical stability using natural substances, talk therapies, peer support, educational courses, and the endless benefits of many therapies targeted to induce relaxation including sauna, massage, acupuncture and meditation.

Our individualized approach to discontinuing medication and addressing underlying problems has helped thousands.

Does it seem as though you have attempted every possible way of ending Librium use and nothing works? Does your central nervous system ever feel overexcited or stimulated? With the majority of people, rapid approaches to ending medication are usually not effective in alleviating the real problem as anxiousness stays present even if the drug is absent. The goal at Alternative to Meds Center is to produce lasting success.

We teach clients how to live the rest of their life without drugs, happily and healthily.

We’ve worked with about one thousand persons in our 24 hour Sedona drug treatment atmosphere. Each week, previous benzo users graduate from our Arizona rehab program. Friends and family members come to these graduations, and can hardly believe it upon seeing how we found answers to the problems and how their loved one is now knowledgeable on how to sustain their lifestyle in a way that will add extra stability to their newfound happiness and peace. Please give us a call and receive an idea about the Librium alternatives help which can be made available for you or the one you love.

The desire to seek Librium alternatives shouldn’t be delayed. An admissions counselor is available now to answer your questions.

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We are licensed for medication withdrawal as a Level 2 Residential Behavioral Health Treatment Center, which is just below that of a Level 1 hospital. According to our licensing agency, we are the most committed in the State of Arizona, possibly the country, at helping people reduce and eliminate the need for medications. Most treatment centers actually put people on drugs and provide minimal counseling and a poor diet. We specialize in withdrawing people from psychiatric medication in a relaxed, luxurious, retreat-like setting.


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