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Klonopin Alternatives


t Alternative to Meds Center, we know there are Klonopin alternatives and other more effective answers than a lifetime of medication use. For people who are suffering from anxiety or other conditions and do not want to put up with side effects, physical dependence, withdrawal symptoms and other Klonopin related problems; Klonopin alternatives help is available.

Alternative to Meds Center provides help to individuals who want to stop taking this medication and start using a more effective alternative. We also relieve our clients from withdrawal and other medication related problems.

With our help, thousands of people have overcome mental health issues using holistic alternatives to Klonopin. Call Today for a consultation.

“After I first arrived at Alternative to Meds Center, aside from being afflicted with Lupus, I was also going through severe benzodiazepine withdrawal. Through the taper program, supplemental, therapeutic, and nutritional options offered, I completed my detoxification with minimal discomfort and little pain. The ATMC staff was incredibly accommodating, always available, and always willing to give me answers to any questions that I had. To anyone that is seeking alternative natural health to live healthily, I would recommend that they put this establishment at number one on their list.”


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Have you wished to stop using Klonopin and address your mental health naturally, but you are afraid of anxiety and withdrawal?

Klonopin®, also known by its generic name Clonazepam, belongs to the class of drugs which are known as benzodiazepines, and is acknowledged for addictive properties and side effects; leading many individuals on a search for effective benzodiazepines alternatives. Benzos are mainly prescribed for the treatment of anxiety related disorders, panic attacks, and epilepsy. However, long-term Klonopin use is typically not well tolerated by most individuals as they encounter bothersome side effects or the drug proves ineffective. If you feel that your condition, whether it be epilepsy or anxiety related, is not getting better or if you are encountering side effects; you may consider Klonopin natural alternatives. We can help you safely come off of Clonazepam and transition to the use of an effectual, safe alternative treatment plan.

We aim to educate our clients how to be medication free and mentally healthy for the rest of their lives.

There are many medications that may be used as alternatives for epilepsy and anxiety treatment, however, the traditional medications considered as benzodiazepines alternatives have many of the same Klonopin side effects and other problems associated with benzos. Traditional doctors may recommend antidepressants or other benzodiazepines as an alternative to Clonazepam, however; it is crucial for individuals to know that there are many effective forms of Klonopin alternatives treatment that don’t involve risk of side effects or dependence.

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Traditional treatment with prescription drugs is not the only choice

Natural alternatives to Klonopin can be highly effective in addressing symptoms of anxiety, and anxiety may be treated without the use of drugs. In fact, antidepressants and benzodiazepines do not cure or fix anxiety, but they may cover symptoms up while the drug is in the body system. However, when you decide to stop taking these drugs, all the problems you previously had will become present again. When using Klonopin substitutes such as talk therapy, lifestyle adjustments, vitamin therapy, or healing activities like acupuncture; you are always making progress and gradually improving symptoms. Alternative therapies can only put you ahead, not behind as they don’t carry side effect risks, addiction issues or withdrawal symptoms.

We aim to identify and address the underlying causes of anxiety, instead of temporarily masking them with medication.

There are so many remedies and natural medicines that can be relaxing, pain-relieving, calming, and anxiety-relieving just like prescription medications but without potential side effects or other problems. Klonopin alternatives help can include natural remedies that have been used long before the introduction of anti-anxiety drugs. Natural herbal remedies and medicine can come from a variety of different sources and may be consumed in many ways. Healing medicines may come in rawest and purest forms, which can be acquired from an herbalist, in the form of tea, capsules, as well as home-made tinctures and other things. Alternative to Meds Center provides supplementation, vitamin therapy, dietary guidance, herbal remedies, and IV nutrient therapies as part of our overall alternative anxiety treatment regimens.

Each client receives an entirely individualized treatment plan.

Alternative to Meds Center offers cognitive behavioral therapy, which is particularly effective for anxiety and other related conditions. In addition, we believe that food is a terrific way of feeding your brain and healing your body along with making other lifestyle changes such as exercising more, speaking to a counselor once a week, and partaking in healing therapies regularly. Commonly recommended Klonopin alternatives help therapies for anxiety include acupuncture, talk therapy, yoga, meditation, massage, chiropractic therapy, counseling, and relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and many, many more. Benzodiazepine alternatives can be significantly effective and can come in all forms and shapes, call and talk to one of our admissions counselors to find out more about our program.

We employ holistic, safe and proven methods to stabilize brain function and relieve symptoms.

Though benzos are given to people to promote sleep and reduce anxiety, when they are used long-term, they usually cause more troubles than they were dispensed to treat, including distinct withdrawal symptoms. At Alternative to Meds Center, we find that in most instances of anxiety, the individual has an accumulation of neurotoxins such as heavy metal toxins which are over-stimulating the nervous system. Often, this is what might lead to initial use of Klonopin. Additional toxins including MSG myco-toxins, mold, aspartame, and literally thousands more chemicals which are in processed food and hygiene products have similar effects on nerves. A workspace which is over-demanding, a foundering marriage, or other exterior stressors can be added on top of this, and it is often too overwhelming.

Even the reasons that underlie anxiety can be treated better without Klonopin since users ultimately become tolerant to it.

Environmental toxicity and heavy stress are usually where an individual is at prior to being prescribed benzodiazepines. These toxins have significant impacts on endocrine glad functioning as well and may result in hormonal imbalances, adrenal burnout and cortisol elevation. These toxins may safely be removed through elimination of neurotoxins. This drug is among the most common type that we deal with since an unguided withdrawal might be virtually impossible. Our diverse set of methods for this particular type of medication include careful techniques for tapering, removal of built-up neurotoxins from use of the drug and environmental causes, natural substances that create neurochemical support, peer support, and many beneficial therapies created for promoting relaxation such as massage, sauna, meditation, and acupuncture.

We know how to help people discontinue benzos with little discomfort, which allows them to live without medication or anxiety.

Does it feel like you’ve made every attempt to discontinue Klonopin or other benzos and nothing seems to make a difference? Do you feel like neurotoxins are poisoning your nervous system? For a lot of people, rapid withdrawal treatments will not alleviate the problem, since the anxiety will stay present even if the drug is not. Alternative to Meds Center’s goal is to create long term relief and sustainable success for clients.

Our scientific methods have helped thousands discontinue medications and naturally become mentally healthy.

We’ve worked with approximately a thousand different people in a residential 24 hour setting, and we are exceptionally familiar with this problem. Each week at our Klonopin alternatives help center we have graduations for former users of benzodiazepines. Family and friends attend, and they are astonished at how we actually found an answer to the predicament, and that the participant possesses the knowledge to sustain a lifestyle supportive to their newfound tranquility. We are here for you to handle this issue effectively. Please call to figure out what may be done for your loved one, or for you.

You do not have to continue taking Klonopin. Professionals are here to answer questions.

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We are licensed for medication withdrawal as a Level 2 Residential Behavioral Health Treatment Center, which is just below that of a Level 1 hospital. According to our licensing agency, we are the most committed in the State of Arizona, possibly the country, at helping people reduce and eliminate the need for medications. Most treatment centers actually put people on drugs and provide minimal counseling and a poor diet. We specialize in withdrawing people from psychiatric medication in a relaxed, luxurious, retreat-like setting.


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