Zoloft Side Effects in Women

Zoloft Side Effects in Women

Zoloft side effects in women may become problematic almost immediately, within the first weeks of taking the drug. However, additional side effects of Zoloft can appear over time, both in women and in men. For both males and females under the age of 25, one particularly concerning Zoloft side effect is the increased risk for suicide.

Zoloft Side Effects Women Should Know

In this article, we would like to focus on Zoloft side effects in women, though Zoloft is one of the most frequently prescribed SSRI type antidepressant drugs for both women and men. There are specific Zoloft side effects that women should make themselves aware of before beginning a prescription, especially if the woman is pregnant or intends to become pregnant.

Drug makers market antidepressant drugs as if they can magically handle all kinds of complaints. Women are particularly liable to be targetted/prescribed if they exhibit symptoms of what is known as PMS or premenstrual syndrome. The woman might present mood swings, irritability, soreness in the breasts and other discomforts that were at one time considered signs of ordinary (albeit bothersome) hormonal changes. Yet it seems that the pharma-saturated medical industry saw the opportunity for yet increased drug sales. Where women report more severe PMS symptoms the pharma-driven diagnosis upgrades to PMDD or the somewhat daunting sounding diagnosis of "premenstrual dysphoric disorder". Now the woman is an even more suitable candidate for Zoloft, according to the well-funded marketing and ad campaigns.

But a woman experiencing premenstrual discomfort is of child-bearing age. The physician or clinician should alert her to the fact that what she puts in her body can end up with disastrous consequences to both her and her child if pregnancy should occur. Any woman, especially of child-bearing age, who is considering taking a drug which has the kinds of side effects of Zoloft, should inform herself well before the fact.

Depressing Features of Antidepressants

It does present an ironic picture that antidepressants have gathered so many depressing statistics. SSRI drugs such as Zoloft have an overall deadening or numbing effect on the person. Like painkiller type drugs, numbing the patient is not curing the patient, but can provide welcome temporary relief.

In the same way, some patients taking SSRI drugs like Zoloft do report feeling less depressed. However, Zoloft causes many undesirable side effects which are not so temporary. Some women who choose to take an SSRI drug end up in an overall worsened condition. A woman can be trapped on Zoloft due to a combination of undesirable side effects of Zoloft, and the incredibly uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms if they decide to stop taking the drug.

Zoloft causes these side effects in women:

  • loss of sex drive
  • inability to orgasm
  • for pregnant women, birth defects, also linked to autism
  • loss of appetite leading to weight loss
  • headache
  • dizziness
  • rashes, and many more.

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