Zoloft Side Effects in Women and Babies

Zoloft Side Effects in Women and Babies

Zoloft side effects in women and their babies have been the subject of many studies by the CDC, the FDA, and some pharmaceutical watchdog organizations.

An alarming number of birth defects are attributed to SSRI drugs such as Zoloft, yet these drugs are still on the market and are still prescribed to millions of both women and men.

Zoloft side effects in men and women are both problematic, but in women of childbearing age, these side effects can have disastrous consequences for the unborn children of mothers taking SSRI drugs such as Zoloft. Women need to be proactive, and inform themselves of the dangers of antidepressant drugs, and remain mindful of cutting through the advertising fog of the drug makers.

Zoloft and Birth Defects - One Heartbreaking Example

A study out of Denmark between 1996 and 2003 compared frequency of heart defects in babies where the mothers did and did not take an SSRI drug such as Zoloft in the first three months of their pregnancies. The study, done on over 400,000 babies, showed a doubling of a particular heart defect in the babies where the mothers took one antidepressant drug.

In babies born to mothers who took more than one SSRI drug during their pregnancy, i.e., switching from one to another SSRI drug, the birth defects were four times as great. The study showed there was more than a fourfold increase. In other words, the hearts of these babies were not fully formed and were missing the wall that should separate the right and left sides of the heart. That is heartbreaking information that should inform every woman who is about to put Zoloft into her body. Drug makers have been forced to pay billions of dollars in fines to compensate for birth defects. Why are so many women still uninformed about these risks?

Zoloft Side Effects in Babies Summary (according to CDC studies):

  • autism
  • heart defects, missing valves, missing walls, holes in the heart, blockages, etc
  • cleft palate, cleft lip
  • gastroschisis, where the intestines of the baby stick out through a hole near the belly button or the abdominal wall
  • anencephaly, where the baby is missing a section of skull, brain, and scalp
  • respiratory distress, and many more.

Many of these birth defects require extensive and multiple surgeries to correct, and some of them cause lifelong conditions that could have been prevented by just avoiding taking drugs during pregnancy.

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Zoloft Side Effects in Women and Babies