Zoloft Sexual Side Effects

Zoloft Sexual Side Effects

Zoloft sexual side effects have been reported in many studies since manufacturers marketed the drug back in 1991. In fact, among SSRI users, both male and female, Zoloft consistently tops the list for sexual problems.

While studies vary widely, according to a 2001 study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 67% of males reported sexual dysfunction after taking the drug, compared to 18% before starting the antidepressant drug. Females surveyed in a 1999 similar survey reported that 41% acquired "sexual arousal disorder" after beginning the drug trial, where 0% of the participants had reported difficulty reaching orgasm pre-Zoloft.

Zoloft Not a "Love Drug"

Sexual health can act as a positive contributor to many aspects of life. It is no wonder that both males and females who experience sexual breakdown after taking Zoloft may be concerned with such changes. Side effects to Zoloft cause a significant percentage of people taking the drug to acquire an inability to reach orgasm, or to suffer premature ejaculation, or to not be able to ejaculate at all. Unfortunately, these are some of the most common problems reported by people who take Zoloft.

Health Benefits of Sex vs. Zoloft Sexual Side Effects

During orgasm, feelings of bonding and love allow us to enjoy and share mutual satisfaction in our most intimate relationships. Chemical changes in the body during orgasm offer several known health advantages, such as:

  • better sleep
  • sedation
  • feeling of contentment
  • the release of tension
  • the release of anxiety
  • better skin tone
  • feelings of happiness
  • increased energy

Physicians link many other notable health advantages to regular sexual activity. A stronger immune system, reduced risk of heart disease, improved muscle strength are among some of the most reported. Doctors and clinical studies also demonstrate in sexually active males, a 36% less chance of being diagnosed with prostate cancer between the ages of 50 and in their 70's. And in females, regular sexual activity links to improved bladder control, reduced menstrual cramps, and many other additional benefits. The side effects of Zoloft can greatly interfere with these health benefits by suppressing the person's sex life.

Doctors prescribe Zoloft to patients who are seeking help with depression. However, if treatment for depression with an antidepressant drug causes sexual dysfunction as an undesired side effect, this may lead to wanting to discontinue taking Zoloft. But without proper help, studies also show that antidepressant discontinuation syndrome can pose a formidable barrier to getting off the drug. Now that sounds like it could result in a pretty depressing situation.

But there is hope for a much brighter future, despite all of these difficulties. Contact the Alternative to Meds treatment center for additional information on how to safely and comfortably correct not only the symptoms of depression without taking drugs, but also to restore the deficits caused by Zoloft sexual side effects.

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