Withdrawal Symptoms from Xanax

Withdrawal Symptoms from Xanax

Withdrawal symptoms from Xanax can, not uncommonly, act as a deterrent to stopping the drug.

It isn't that a person wants to continue taking such a problematic medication, due to the relentless side effects the drug may be causing. The problem usually is that without adequate guidance and medical or clinical support, a person may feel simply unable to tolerate any further discomfort, whether that means physical or mental stress.

However, at the Alternative to Meds Center, we have developed tapering programs for those who wish to come off medication, but without the potentially horrific consequences of doing so incorrectly. The protocols we use in the program are designed to mitigate and even prevent heavy withdrawals and can dramatically shorten discontinuation symptoms. The center has been helping thousands of clients with safe and gentle tapering programs for well over ten years. As the taper program progresses, the health and well-being of the client improve as the client completes their program steps.

The Alternative to Meds Xanax Taper Program

The program is residential, in a luxury style facility located in Sedona Arizona. Every client is uniquely special to us, and the community spirit and camaraderie that the center exudes is warm, friendly and welcoming. We are near enough to the Red Rock Mountains making hiking trails very easily accessible, for plenty of fresh air and blue skies and other outdoor excursions to just to take advantage of the scenic backdrops of the area.

Meals are tastefully prepared and presented using mostly local, fresh, organic ingredients as part of an entirely clean diet, free of processed foods, preservatives, pesticides, or other contaminants. Our beloved Chef omits the sugar, white flour, and overly refined foods in menu planning, and Chef's gourmet style shines through every mealtime experience, which is appreciated and enjoyed by all.

During the taper program, many different therapies and treatments are utilized to maximize comfort and support the health of the client in every way possible, such as:

  • investigative lab testing
  • low-temperature sauna
  • chelation
  • food sourced supplements
  • neurotoxicity removal
  • mild exercise programs including yoga stretching
  • nebulized glutathione treatments
  • clay packs
  • foot and mineral baths
  • acupuncture
  • therapeutic massage
  • cranial sacral massage
  • personal/addiction counseling
  • life coaching

The Dangers of Abrupt Withdrawal Symptoms from Xanax

Coming off Xanax or any benzodiazepine drug too abruptly or all at once are well published. The FDA warns against stopping too quickly or suddenly, due to the life-threatening and other disastrous consequences that can ensue. However, with proper preparation such as neurotoxin removal, encouraging the normalization of neurochemistry, along with the precise supplements needed to flood the body with what it needs, correcting nutritional deficiencies that showed up in the testing, and many holistic comfort therapies are all part of the pre-taper preparation steps.

When the client is sleeping better, has improved their appetite, lifted their depression some, calmed some of their anxiety, then the taper can begin. It is a slow, gradual process, with the client's comfort attended to in every possible way. We gently and slowly begin to taper the medications down after a ten day cleanse period, allowing for adequate rest and relaxation, and in this way, the body is gradually coaxed to be able to rebalance itself, under medical supervision.

How to Find Out More

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