What Happens During Medication Withdrawal

What Happens During Medication Withdrawal

Alternative to Meds Center, a world-class medication withdrawal center, provides clients with outstanding care for medication withdrawal, mental health, and much more.

Alternative to Meds Center does not believe that one must choose between an excruciating prescription medication withdrawal and a continuous addiction to prescription medications. Rather, you can choose a medication withdrawal treatment that allows you to overcome medication addiction and eliminates your withdrawal symptoms.

Do you wish that prescription medication use could be stopped? But, you’re afraid of withdrawal symptoms, ongoing pain or cravings? Withdrawal symptoms emerge when the brain and body adversely react to the lack of a certain drug in the body. The body becomes familiar with these drugs, and when they are no longer present, adverse withdrawal symptoms can occur. Withdrawal from prescription medications can occur from using opiates, benzodiazepines, stimulants, antidepressants, antipsychotics, and other drugs.

Who Encounters Withdrawal Symptoms? Any person who becomes physically dependent or addicted to prescription drugs is likely to go through withdrawal symptoms at some point, unless professional medication help is sought after. These symptoms emerge either in a monitored treatment center ( when the person has decided to receive medication treatment ) or during their addiction, where the person is seeking their next high from the medication in question. When a person is withdrawing from medication at Alternative to Meds Center, their withdrawal pain is significantly lessened or entirely eradicated with a complex set of medical and holistic therapies. Scientifically proven methods are employed to effectively relieve withdrawal.

How a person handles the process of withdrawal is substantially determined by their physical condition, mental state and genetic makeup. Because of this, no two people will experience the same exact withdrawal process, and each person must be treated by a professional on a case-to-case basis. Research shows that the most effective treatment is one that is customized. Alternative to Meds Center works in tandem with clients to create tailored treatment programs. Our medical professionals customize treatment plans for each of our clients.

What are some of the most common medication withdrawal symptoms? Prescription drug withdrawal symptoms appear in two main forms – physical and emotional. Across the divergent spectrum of medication use, literally hundreds of symptoms exist that a person may experience when stopping a medication. The following represent the most common symptoms, several of which emerge across different medications. Extended times of depression, anxiousness, nervousness, mood swings, physical pain, and desire to injure to oneself. While only a few medications can cause withdrawal symptoms that are defined as dangerous or life threatening, they still cause substantial discomfort for the person and can result in more serious outcomes, such as relapse or suicidal thinking. Alternative to Meds Center knows how to effectually manage medication discontinuation challenges. Withdrawal is a sign of the neurochemistry trying to balance itself. We know how to make your transition to stability safe and comfortable.

Medication Withdrawal and Tapering: Every medication is different, and so is the length of withdrawal experienced by each person. Most individuals will enter into a period of medication tapering that lasts anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the drug and severity of withdrawal. Medication tapering combined with other therapies at Alternative to Meds Center, effectively relieves withdrawal. Medication tapering is a process of reducing the amount of medication a person is taking. In some cases, the person in withdrawal will be switched to another medication. For example, with opiate medications we convert the individual to Suboxone, an opiate replacement medication. Suboxone successfully relieves opiate withdrawal without drugging the individual. Suboxone does not cause addiction or withdrawal once stopped, as we only administer Suboxone for about two weeks. What if you could avoid the pain of withdrawal and live life without any remaining pain?

Treatment at Alternative to Meds Center: Alternative to Meds center is a residential medication rehab in , that helps people get through the discomfort of withdrawal, overcome addiction and continue their lives in a happy, functional way. The skilled counselors at Alternative to Meds Center work closely with each client to ensure that they are receiving the appropriate treatments for their medication dependence as well as personally tailored approaches for moving forward with a medication-free life.

Even the underlying causes of medication use can be better treated without medication, as the body ultimately becomes tolerant to the drugs. At Alternative to Meds Center, we provide medically monitored treatment plans to help you overcome medication withdrawal. We are a sanctuary for individuals diagnosed with and without co-occurring illnesses. This leading program offers a comprehensive variety of care that covers several types of services, treatments, educational tools, and complimentary therapies that give each client an opportunity to create a long term foundation of healing. Our team of counselors, medical and clinical staff at Alternative to Meds center is remarkably trained in helping people that suffer from any type of behavioral problems, substance abuse issues or mental illness. We offer tapering programs for Valium withdrawal and many other prescription drugs. You don’t have to face Medication Withdrawal alone. Don’t delay your desire to seek Medication withdrawal help, an admissions counselor can answer your questions.

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