Valium Withdrawal Symptoms

Valium Withdrawal Symptoms

Valium withdrawal symptoms can push the unfortunate user beyond the brink of sanity, desperately hoping another pill will pull them back to feeling normal again.

Many household names have fallen into the trap of addiction to Valium, and too many have died because of it. Despite the drug's many inert sounding nick-names, i.e., "foofoo," or "sleepaway," this benzo drug is so highly addictive that doctors now caution against taking it for more than a few days or at the very most, two weeks.

Like most other addictive substances, the withdrawals take on the opposite effect of whatever positive feelings the drug incurred. For instance, when a person uses Valium, the initial reactions might be described as euphoric, soothing, calming, sleepy, slowed heart rate, slower breathing, contentment, a "drunk" feeling, even in the middle of a high-stress environment. Valium has hooked many celebrities, athletes, executives and other members of high-pressure professions into the trap of addiction to benzodiazepines. The drug is very fast-acting and can knock out nerves and stress nearly immediately. Clearly, the drug has a high proclivity to habitual use.

However, when the user stops using Valium, the person will be feeling quite the reverse, such as:

  • suicidality (thinking about death, thoughts of killing oneself)
  • homicidal (thinking of dead bodies, thinking about killing another)
  • deep depression, hopeless feeling
  • paranoid (thinking people are talking about you, out to get you, etc.)
  • suspicious
  • worried
  • tense
  • hearing things that are not there
  • seeing things that are not there
  • racing heartbeat (Tachycardia)
  • rashes
  • hot flashes
  • profuse sweating
  • hyperventilating, dyspnea, feeling out of breath, can't get a deep breath
  • panic attacks
  • heightened anxiety
  • highly sensitive to noises, lights, environmental stimuli
  • tremors
  • feeling as if you are choking
  • paralysis of the mouth, tongue

Discontinuation effects are so intense that they can land a person in a mental hospital, or police station, or even the morgue. Unlike opiate withdrawals, coming off Valium can be life-threatening without proper help and guidance. We can help you or a loved one to prevent such catastrophe.

The Alternative to Meds Treatment for Valium Withdrawal Symptoms

When a client arrives at the center, they could be in a state of chronic sleep deprivation, mental fog, irritability, sensitive to sound, light, and motion, and bothered by many other horrific and unwanted feelings. We aim to begin by improving sleep and appetite as a first step. This is done using naturally sourced substances, nutrient-dense foods and smoothies, and as much rest as possible. These have a much welcomed, profoundly calming effect.

One of our compassionate, highly trained clinicians will carry out a series of lab tests in the pleasant and calm atmosphere of our clinic. The test results will help in designing the sequence of program steps that will most benefit the person on their recovery journey. We have observed that the presence of toxic elements that have accumulated in the body link to anxiety, depression, insomnia and other reactions. The cleansing phase of the program removes this toxic burden, bringing much relief to all of these areas. Flooding the body with missing nutrients also takes the edge off, providing a deeply soothing and calming influence. Acupuncture, therapeutic massage, cranial sacral massage, mineral baths, nebulized glutathione treatments, and many other adjunct therapies are offered to ensure maximum client comfort.

It is at this point that a slow taper can begin, closely monitored by our medical doctor and team, who attend to each client's safety and comfort. Treatment is flanked by personal counseling and life coaching, to help each client gain insights needed to face the challenges of re-organizing their life and goals in a substantial, meaningful way. Education on neurochemistry, brain health and nutrition equip each client to be able to reach the highest levels of self-care possible.

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