Treatment Center for Ativan Addiction

Treatment Center for Ativan Addiction

At Alternative to Meds, our treatment center for Ativan addiction is advanced and specialized. We address the underlying reasons that cause the anxiety and panic that typically resulted in Ativan dependence.

We not only treat Ativan abuse, but specifically uncover the root sources of anxiety, which is often linked to neurotoxins and neurochemical imbalances. Instead of giving you more habit-forming medications, like many treatment centers do, we will work hard at correcting toxic buildup, nutrient deficiencies, neurochemical imbalances, and other root causes of Ativan addiction through supplementation, body detoxification, sauna therapy, nutrient therapy, counseling, and several other personally tailored therapies directed by our medical professionals. Overcoming Ativan addiction can be accomplished comfortably and safely.

In most cases of Ativan addiction, a person with anxiety or panic started to use Ativan and likely other drugs or alcohol to self-medicate their uncomfortable symptoms of anxiousness, stress and panic. The most abused substances by individuals with anxiety are benzodiazepines such as Ativan and alcohol. Ativan can temporarily relieve symptoms such as anxiety. However, this and other benzodiazepines have a high possibility for physical dependence and abuse. With ongoing Ativan use, side effects including memory loss, dizziness, weakness, and sexual dysfunction are common. With severe situations of Ativan addiction, serious side effects may include extreme depression, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, respiratory problems, and hostility. Common Ativan withdrawal effects are eased with a diverse set of treatments.

For a lot of people, abusing Ativan is a way of continually increasing the Ativan dosage in order to keep anxiety symptoms at bay. This is due to the tolerance and dependence developed from long term use of this medication. There are better, more effective alternatives for anxiety treatment besides being addicted to Ativan. Many individuals who have become addicted to Ativan may attempt to get off the medication. However, once dependent, withdrawal symptoms can be very painful when try to discontinue Ativan. The techniques provided at Alternative to Meds Center can greatly alleviate the withdrawal symptoms that are encountered when one attempts to discontinue this medication at home without professional treatment. Underlying anxiety is successfully addressed so there is no longer any use for Ativan.

Attempting to end Ativan addiction at home is rarely effective, as the withdrawal symptoms become too much and most people end up relapsing. Benzodiazepines are the medication we are most familiar with, and we are well aware of how to prevent the often severe withdrawal effects. When helping someone get off Ativan, the treatment we provide is gradual. The medication is slowly tapered, but only once the person is feeling relieved from their anxiety and other symptoms and is able to endure the tapering process comfortably. Not one aspect of our treatment program is forced; residents are actively involved with decision making. With corrective, therapeutic and preventative treatments, anxiety, addiction, and withdrawal can be successfully addressed.

Some of the techniques that are employed in our treatment center for Ativan addiction include diet therapy, organic and whole food, case management, counseling, group therapy, peer support, pharmaceutical grade nutrients, supplementation, orthomolecular medicine, alternative and holistic medicine, acupuncture, massage, lab testing, colonics, chelation, sauna therapy, yoga, and several other medical and adjunctive therapies. Each individual receives an entirely customized treatment regimen that is designed by medical professionals. This creates what is necessary to effectively and comfortably overcome addiction while also alleviating anxiety and withdrawal. If you desire a permanent solution for Ativan addiction, please call our team of admission counselors at the number listed above.

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