SSRI Withdrawal Symptoms

SSRI Withdrawal Symptoms

SSRI withdrawal symptoms may occur quicker than expected; even missing a single dose of a short half-life medication, could onset discontinuation effects in a few hours.

Withdrawals from drugs with a more extended half-life may emerge days or weeks later after they abruptly stopped. Doctors should take the time to advise their patients never to quit suddenly, and counsel patients to seek sound medical advice before attempting to taper.

However, life can intervene, insurance can run out, doctors retire, or other unexpected events can happen. If one foresees running out of medications for one reason or another, to gradually taper down would be the safest strategy. Always seek medical monitoring, and give ample time to accomplish the task with minimal discomfort.

The best plan of all would be to seek inpatient treatment to provide a smooth, predictable taper experience so you won't be suffering long after cessation. We can help. The Alternative to Meds Center is a residential facility that specializes in gradual tapering, with many supportive therapies that focus on improved health as well as lowered or eliminated medications. (See below for more information).

What Are SSRI Drugs?

SSRI or SRI drugs hunt and trap serotonin in the nerve synapses, forcing the hormone to build up there, to cause a temporary lift in mood. It may take a while to feel the full effect. Depression has been linked to a deficiency of serotonin, and biologists and neurologists have determined that serotonin is an excitatory, stimulating neurotransmitter. Hence the theory behind using SSRI drugs to combat depression, which sounds like a good idea, right?

The CNS and its vast network of neuronal pathways were designed to conserve neurochemicals, hormones, etc. so they can be recycled, re-used, by reuptake. SSRI drugs, as their name implies, block reuptake. So, unfortunately, after the serotonin has been built up within the nerve channels, it will degrade and cease to exist. SSRI drugs repeatedly corral all that is available, until there's nothing left.

There may, or may not have been, a deficit of serotonin in a depressed person before starting the medication, but it is clear that eventually, the drug exhausts a person's neurotransmitters by quickening the rate at which they are spent. A person may feel that the drug "stopped working." When one understands how the drug works, one can see that nothing in the drug changed to make it "stop working," but what changed was the declining amount of available natural neurotransmitters. All uncontrolled spending sprees eventually end in bankruptcy.

SSRI Withdrawal Symptoms

For various reasons, one may opt to discontinue antidepressant medication, especially if the drug bankrupted the system. However, abruptly quitting is a recipe for disaster which includes some potentially harsh withdrawal effects, such as:

  • electrical sensations sometimes called "brain zaps"
  • worsened depression
  • heightened anxiety
  • irritability
  • fainting
  • insomnia
  • suicidality
  • gastrointestinal problems, cramping, nausea
  • flu-like symptoms
  • altered perceptions, sensory disturbances

The Alternative to Meds Center Approach

We use a holistic approach, blending orthomolecular and environmental medicine, and many adjunct therapies to make the transitions during tapering as safe and comfortable as possible. It is possible to regenerate and restore the missing neurotransmitters, and we aim to do this through supplying the correct nutrients and supplements for their recreation.

A cleanse of neurotoxins from the body also releases the body's ability to function normally again. Clients typically report sleeping better, improved appetite, and more even moods, after the cleanse. We have a staff of over 40 caregivers and medical staff, who provide many types of therapy, before, during and after the taper has been accomplished.

Some of these include:

  • Reiki,
  • counseling (various genres),
  • acupuncture,
  • targetted nutritional therapy,
  • therapeutic massage,
  • bentonite clay masks,
  • castor oil packs,
  • ionic foot baths,
  • cranial sacral massage,
  • spa treatments,
  • low-temperature sauna,
  • chelators for binding to and removing heavy metals,
  • mild exercise,
  • brain chemistry via nutrition classes,
  • nutritional training, and much more.

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