Remeron Withdrawal Symptoms

Remeron Withdrawal Symptoms

Remeron is an antidepressant medication that drug manufacturers market under at least one hundred different names.

Aside from the effects of such a drug on human beings, let's not forget about our pets. Did you know that vets frequently prescribe the drug for pet dogs and cats, who need to increase their appetite? But, regardless of the preferred name-tag, and all afore-mentioned species and over countless geographic boundaries, this potent drug inflicts withdrawal symptoms that are near to impossible to bear. Discontinuing a drug such as Remeron should never be done abruptly, or without proper guidance and support. We can help.

It takes some weeks for the drug to "take effect" initially, and similarly, safe withdrawal may also take some time. Physicians prescribe Remeron for various reasons, such as depression, PTSD, to encourage weight gain, for insomnia, panic attacks, fatigue, and others. Often, coming off an antidepressant causes rebound effects which are far worse than the original symptoms one sought to alleviate.

WARNING: Never try to discontinue an antidepressant abruptly or without adequate guidance and supervision to help you.

Remeron Withdrawal Symptoms - A Summary

Here are some of the withdrawal effects for Remeron, especially where no nutritional, preparatory steps or other types of support are provided:

  • Fatigue - can last for some time after stepping down or quitting Remeron without obtaining preparation or assistance.
  • Headaches - a common withdrawal effect, and can persist for weeks or months without proper treatment.
  • Tachycardia - heart palpitations, racing heart, can all be cause for alarm without support, and can further magnify anxiety during or after cessation.
  • Worsened depression - can lead to suicidal thoughts, and can linger where no assistance is provided to counteract withdrawal.
  • Anxiety - can include panic attacks, irritability, restlessness and other undesirable feelings where a foundation of support is absent.
  • Crying spells - can arise "out of the blue" and linger for a long time, leading to hopelessness and despair without treatment.
  • Depersonalization - leading to feeling one is "not oneself" for periods of time, i.e., manic states can switch back and forth especially without withdrawal protocols in place.
  • Cognitive dysfunction - can include the inability to focus or concentrate, racing thoughts, making work or school difficult without tapering preparation and help.
  • Dizziness - sometimes called "Vertigo" is an uncomfortable spinning sensation, which can persist for long periods of time without proper withdrawal help.
  • Other common effects related to the discontinuation of Remeron include sleeplessness, diarrhea, loss of appetite, loss of weight, uncontrollable itching, severe nausea, shakes, tremors, mood swings, and others.

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