Psychostimulant Alternatives

Psychostimulant Alternatives

At Alternative to Meds Center, we know how hard it can be to deal with Psychostimulant side effects or other medication related problems, and we offer comprehensive Psychostimulant alternatives help for those who wish for other options besides taking these drugs.

Alternatives to Psychostimulants are therapies and treatments that can be used in place of Psychostimulant drugs and can efficiently treat the symptoms that these drugs attempt to treat. Alternatives to Psychostimulant drugs are for people who do not want to take stimulant medications and people who do not want their adolescent children to be on these medications because of the many negative effects of these drugs. Alternatives are also for people who are already taking a stimulant medication and want to stop taking it due to a wide variety of valid reasons such as side effects, addiction, withdrawal, and dependency to these drugs.

The most common reasons for prescribing a Psychostimulant are for treating and controlling the symptoms of attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Therefore, alternatives to Psychostimulant medications can also be considered as alternative treatments and therapies for ADD and ADHD. Alternatives for ADD and ADHD can be particularly important for young children and adolescents, during a research study of children and adults who have been taking these drugs for ADD/ADHD, around 80% were able to discontinue use within 8 to 12 weeks with the success of an alternative therapy in place: neural-cognitive therapy. Drug-free treatment plans for children with ADD or ADHD are always the best route to take.

Other alternatives for treating and maintaining symptoms of ADD/ADHD include: vitamin therapy, supplements, nutrients, nutritional therapy, herbal remedies and avoiding things like sugar and caffeine. Relaxation techniques are very valuable therapies, learning how to relax for people who have ADD or ADHD can greatly help them to control hyper activeness, and improve the characteristic symptom of ADD/ADHD; trouble with concentration. Counseling, talk therapy or psychotherapy is very effective for helping a person to live efficiently with ADD/ADHD. A counselor or talk therapist can also recommend other therapies and activities that will help to relieve ADD/ADHD symptoms; ADD/ADHD characteristic symptoms include short attention span, learning disabilities, distractibility, and inattentiveness. Psychostimulant alternatives help techniques are well equipped to balance out ADD/ADHD symptoms.

Around 90% percent of children who have ADHD can attribute their ADHD to yellow, blue and red food dyes. This is why nutrition, vitamins, and diet are very important aspects of an antidepressant alternatives treatment plan. Deficits in certain nutrients can be contributing factors to ADHD, correcting deficits can help to restore balance within the body and mind and relieve ADHD symptoms as well. Natural remedies, herbal remedies and supplements that are known for being helpful in the use of alternatives to Psychostimulant medications for ADD/ADHD include: kava kava, valerian root, chamomile, skullcap, lemon balm, hawthorn berry, lobelia, and ginkgo biloba.

There are endless amounts of herbs that have relaxing and calming effects for a person with ADHD, the few herbs listed above induce concentration and relaxation and would be a great place to start for an alternative medicine remedy. One common symptom of ADD/ADHD is insomnia or having a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep; if ADHD is affecting your sleep, melatonin is a great alternative that helps promote sleep and is available at most grocery stores. Effective alternatives to Psychostimulants often include more than one alternative therapy, but rather a combination of alternatives. Simple lifestyle changes are often recommended as part of an alternative treatment plan, little changes make big differences such as getting enough sleep every night, being physically active every day, exercise, and having exposure to sunlight every day. When you add the little lifestyle changes with counseling, and relaxing activities of your choice such as yoga, swimming, meditation, deep breathing, or acupuncture; you have created an effective treatment plan for alternatives to Psychostimulant drugs. We offer tapering programs for Lithium withdrawal and many other prescription drugs. We are inviting you to call us so we can talk, and you can get an understanding of the Psychostimulant alternatives help that is available.

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