Prozac Withdrawal Symptoms Cold Turkey

Prozac Withdrawal Symptoms Cold Turkey

Prozac withdrawal symptoms cold turkey style are generally reported as easier to tolerate than other SSRI type antidepressant drugs.

Prozac has a very long half-life, meaning it stays active in the body for days or even weeks rather than hours. One should not be misled, however, to expect that Prozac does not cause withdrawals. The withdrawals will emerge eventually, and despite their tardy appearance, can still come on with some unexpected and intense reactions. This is in no way an endorsement to quit suddenly, as the universal consensus regarding stopping medication is still very much on the side of the gradual wean down, which we put into practice at the Alternative to Meds Center.

Prozac and all other SSRI drugs may cause some withdrawal symptoms as the drugs pass from the body and the neurochemistry begins to attempt stasis or balance. After stopping Prozac, a person may feel nothing significant until these withdrawals emerge some weeks or months after the last dose. After appearing, withdrawal effects can linger for a long time. Everyone is different, of course. Some will feel these more acutely than others depending on the dosage that they took, the length of time they consumed it, age, and other factors.

The most commonly reported ones are, in varying degrees of longevity and intensity:

  • vertigo, dizziness, losing balance
  • brain zaps, brain shivers
  • insomnia, sleep disturbances
  • tingling sensations, prickling under the skin
  • headaches
  • extreme fatigue
  • worsened depression
  • suicidal thoughts
  • aggression, irritability, hostility, angry outbursts
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • tachycardia (racing heartbeat)
  • crying spells (rebound after emotional blunting)
  • sexual arousal (rebound after sexual blunting)
  • stomach pains
  • muscle spasms
  • muscular and joint pain

Preparing for Tapering Gradually vs. Prozac Withdrawal Symptoms Cold Turkey

The Alternative to Meds Center, in Sedona Arizona utilizes a thorough preparatory series of steps incorporated into gentle, gradual tapering. Since the action of SSRI medications, in general, is disruptive to the natural production and distribution of neurotransmitters throughout the CNS, we aim to help the body normalize itself with as many supportive protocols as possible.

SSRI drugs, such as Prozac, can overwhelm and disrupt the body's natural production of transmitters needed for normal functioning. These disruptions are apt to plague a person after experiencing Prozac withdrawal symptoms cold turkey. Through explicitly targetting and correcting nutrient deficits, the body can be coaxed back to producing adequate amounts of these substances, to regain and maintain a healthy balance.

But before cells can efficiently absorb nutrients, any accumulations of heavy metals and other neurotoxic elements must be purged from the body. The presence of heavy metals can block nutrients from uptake into the cells. We aim to remove the toxin barrier.

We do this gently using natural treatments, some of which include:

  • chelators to bind with and remove heavy metals
  • sauna combined with supplements that convert fat-soluble toxins to inert water-soluble form which are then easily transported out through sweat and excretory channels
  • bentonite clay packs which pull out toxins through contact with the skin
  • ionic foot baths which remove toxins through the large pores of the feet

The increased capability of the body to absorb nutrients after neurotoxin removal is remarkable. Typically, clients report feeling their moods even out and brighten, better sleep, improved appetite, and more energy after the cleanse process is complete. It is at this point we would begin to focus on the taper process. The client continues their regimen of supplements to further support the normalization of neurochemistry. Typically, clients can complete their taper process in as little as eight weeks, and with a minimum of discomfort.

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