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Prozac Cessation Article

While making the decision to go through Prozac cessation treatment is usually a wise one, it can also lead to the challenging process of Prozac withdrawal.

Here at the Alternative to Meds Center, we employ methods of Prozac cessation help which ease this experience and greatly lessen side effects of withdrawal. We know there are alternative resolutions to mental health problems than being medicated on antidepressants. Do you want to begin living life in a manner that you know you can achieve, or do you wish to see this happen for your loved one?

The misinformed majority of people who take Prozac, which is also known as Fluoxetine, don’t know that if they were to stop taking their medication, they would be in Prozac withdrawal and probably need Fluoxetine cessation treatment. People have reported after they stopped taking their medication suddenly, they felt like they were dying. Heroin addicts who are in withdrawal and cessation from heroin explain the same feeling. Of course they aren’t going to die but the point is that Prozac addiction is possible to form, and most people who are taking this medication don’t even know.

Is there a problem with taking it for longer than a year? Yes. One of the greatest concerns with Prozac cleansing is for the people who have been on it for longer periods of time. The people who have been on it for long periods of time seem to think it would be easier to remain on it rather than taper off of it and do a Fluoxetine cessation. There are people who truly want to stop taking Prozac due to the side effects and discovering that they don’t need to be on it in the first place. There is Prozac rehab for the people who are on this medication that want to stop taking it.

Prozac can make a person’s depression worse in some cases, pushing them into a deeper depression, inducing suicidal thoughts, uncontrollable mood swings, etc. Once people successfully get off of the drug, they regain total control of their depression, mood swings, irritability, actions and their life in general. This medication only masks the symptoms of depression. If you are taking it and want to stop, the first step is to talk to the doctor who is prescribing it to you. If you are going to do a Prozac cleansing, you should do everything you can to avoid abruptly quitting. There may be some very mild antidepressant cessation symptoms even if you slowly taper off. However, the symptoms will be much worse if you quit without doing a slow taper. Going to a Prozac rehab would reduce withdrawal symptoms tremendously.

Some of the symptoms you would experience if you stop taking Prozac (even if you are taking a low dosage) would be severe depression, uncontrollable crying, creepy crawling sensations on the body, sexual side effects, obsessing about things, suicidal thoughts, anxiety and panic attacks, trouble with breathing, joint stiffness, insomnia, and others. These symptoms are greatly lessened if you are doing a Prozac cessation help program. A cessation center helps to taper off the medication and carry you through your journey of antidepressant cessation. Tapering off of any medication consists of slowly reducing the dosage each day or each week until you are down to taking none at all. Once you have finished the taper, cessation isn’t over. That’s when you get to the bottom of why you were depressed in the first place. Talking to a counselor, eating a healthy Prozac diet for cessation ification, exercising, and taking vitamin supplements have yielded high success rates of staying happy and healthy.

Cessation and treatment centers not only help you to physically remove the drug from your body with techniques such as sauna programs and Prozac colon cleanses; they also teach you how to cope with your life without masking your problems by taking a medication. There are many ways you can learn how to properly deal with depression and anxiety. Everyone gets depressed at least sometimes, and there are healthier ways to deal with problems like talking to a trusted friend, family member or going to therapy. Takings pills doesn’t mean they take away your problems. Alternative to Meds Center works to help people eliminate their dependencies on prescription meds, other drugs, or alcohol. Our program is individualized to provide each person with effective Prozac cessation treatment.

At Alternative to Meds Center, great triumphs are achieved daily. We celebrate these accomplishments of our participants by having graduations each week. Around 50 people attend on average, including friends, the participant’s family, and fellow residents. The stories told here at our events are unbelievable, sometimes recapturing decades of torment, with miraculous clarity. To see this inspires us greatly knowing the participants contain the abilities to live their lives in a healthy way, and be a guiding light to other people. We ask you to call and talk with us, and find out about the variety of Prozac cessation help and support available.

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