Prescription Medication Treatment

Prescription Medication Treatment

Treatment for Prescription drug addiction has been successfully carried out on thousands of people addicted to prescription medication at Alternative to Meds Center.

Find Sobriety with Prescription Drug Rehab. There are several factors that dictate the Prescription medication treatment that a person will receive. The most obvious factor in deciding what treatment to adopt is the kind of prescription medication that the individual is dependent on. There is a large amount of prescription medications that are known for addiction including painkillers, sedatives, stimulants and central nervous system depressants, among other drugs. We’ve helped thousands of people get off prescription drugs.

Each medication carries its own distinctive effects and side effects. Because of this, no single treatment can be equally effective at treating addiction to all medications. Any person who has established an addiction should be carefully evaluated and examined prior to attempting Prescription medication addiction treatment. Scientific solutions are employed to address underlying causes of drug abuse.

Addiction treatment for prescription medications is very similar in many ways to addiction treatment for illicit drugs or alcohol. Many of the same methods are employed in Prescription medication rehabs that are utilized for other addictions. We offer tapering programs for Effexor Withdrawal and many other prescription drugs. Just like other addictions, the most effective Prescription drug addiction treatment is usually a mixture of several successful treatment techniques. The first treatment method provided for people addicted to medication is Prescription medication detox. Customized treatment plans are designed by professionals for each client.

The process of detoxification from drugs is carried out in order to eliminate from the body all residues of the substances which are responsible for the drug addiction. Depending on which medications the client is addicted to, detox may be undergone with the temporary use of prescription medication to ease the pain of withdrawal to a comfortable level. Withdrawal symptoms and cravings can be eliminated with our help.

The goal of medication detox is usually to combat the symptoms of Prescription medication withdrawal that occur when the addict stops using the drugs. Withdrawal symptoms differ in severity depending on the type of drug, how long the drug was used, and other variables. This is one of the reasons why detoxification is an important part of treatment, as it greatly helps in eliminating withdrawal. In addition, Alternative to Meds Center is familiar with several other comprehensive methods of medication withdrawal relief. Professional help allows addiction to be conquered with minimal discomfort.

Other methods that are commonly employed in Prescription medication treatment are addiction counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy ( CBT ). CBT and addiction counseling are both targeted at changing the way the addicted individual approaches drug problems and life at large. Addiction counseling can be engaged in through either group therapy or individually, or both, depending on what approach best fits each particular client. By receiving treatment on many levels, you can say goodbye to medication addiction for good.

Addiction to Prescription Drugs is a growing problem. Abuse of prescription medications is increasing at a disturbing rate in the US. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health ( NSDUH ) published in 2004, over 6 million Americans reported present use of prescription medications for reasons that were nonmedical during the previous year. Prescription Medication Treatment is the only way of addressing this.

Opiates or opioid-related medications such as Vicodin prescribed for pain are becoming the most common type of drug leading to addiction. As an example, SAMHSA ( the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration ) published a study during 2010 that shows treatment admission rates for opiates besides heroin ( such as narcotic painkillers ) increased 345% between 1998 and 2008. For individuals in need of help for Medication Abuse, rehab can be a positive, life shifting experience.

Prescription Medication Help: At Alternative to Meds Center, we offer a variety of successful treatments and programs for medication addiction. Depending on what rehab techniques will be the most effective for each client, we may combine some of the following. All treatments are provided by trained professionals.

Prescription Medication Detoxification: Several prescription medications cause serious addiction after used for a long time. Medication withdrawal can be painful, and even dangerous. Therefore, we always perform a process of body detoxification in our rehab center, where there is a medical professional to monitor you the entire time. Detox helps to stabilize the physical body. Counselors and several healing therapies help clients cope with cravings. After detox, we provide a suitable long-term treatment plan, such as inpatient residential treatment. Detoxification helps reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Residential Treatment ( Inpatient Drug Rehab ): Clients who participate in residential rehabilitation leave the familiar surroundings of their home to live within a safe, comfortable and supervised environment for 30 days or longer. In this structured environment, one can focus entirely on recovering from addiction to prescription medication. Participants receive education about drugs, peer support, nutritional counseling, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, complementary therapies, healing activities and referrals for community resources. Residential Prescription medication treatment also provides the opportunity to develop support networks and friendships with other people in recovery, and to learn how to make healthy lifestyle decisions ( nutrition, environment, exercise ). Our world-class center provides a serene environment for recovery, 24/7 care, nurturing staff members, and scientific answers to addiction problems.

Outpatient Treatment:Appropriate candidates for outpatient treatment are participants who are already stabilized in terms of drug abuse, and who do not need structured and monitored care 24/7. Outpatient treatment typically lasts many months. Intensive therapy regimens might be followed in outpatient treatment, such as structured individual/group therapy several times a week. We help you create a plan to obtain and maintain long term sobriety.

Community-Based Support Groups: Support groups, including Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Pills Anonymous, as well as non-12 step support programs, are created to assist addicts in their desire to achieve long-lasting sobriety while learning new skills and gaining support networks to cope with their addictions. The 12 Steps and AA/NA are not your only options. Call Alternative to Meds Center for Help with Medication Abuse.

Prescription medication addiction requires professional treatment, just like other addictions. Alternative to Meds Center covers everything from detoxification, counseling and recovery, education about addiction, rehabilitation, and aftercare programs which increase chances of long lasting sobriety. You can start on the path to being happy and healthy without drugs today.

If you or someone you care about struggles with prescription medication abuse, call us to discuss Prescription medication treatment options. Don’t wait until things have gotten worse to seek help. Call us for a consultation.

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