Mental Health Alternatives

Mental Health Alternatives

If you or someone you care about has been told the only answer to mental health problems is psychiatric medication, mental health alternatives are available.

The Alternative to Meds Center offers clients an alternative approach to address the originating cause of mental health issues. We are providing an alternative to psychiatry which teaches people to successfully handle mental health symptoms in ways other than prescription drug use. You do not have to be trapped in a cycle of taking different medications and visiting doctors. Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, bipolar disorder, chemical dependence, depression, psychosis and other mental health symptoms can be treated alternatively. Relieve symptoms and eradicate the need for prescription drugs with mental health alternative treatment.

Alternative to Meds Center is an alternative to psychiatry facility that provides diagnostic lab tests to determine the neurochemical imbalances that might cause mental health issues. We look at all of the potential medical reasons that could cause an individual to be anxious, depressed, psychotic, in pain, or addicted, and we address these problems with the most effective alternative and holistic methods available. We help people get off side effect ridden prescription drugs and address the potential causes of addictive biochemistry and medication cravings. We use wholesome, organic foods and orthomolecular methods as medicine for the brain. We realize that to establish a lifestyle low in toxins that supports mental stability it is essential to: use hygiene products which are free of chemicals, eliminate toxic cleaning items, and to drink purified water among other things. Through our astute investigative process, we discover what the reasons are that are causing a person to be addicted and/or symptomatic. With lab testing, we can uncover the reasons why a person began to have mental health symptoms in the first place.

Instead of guessing, Alternative to Meds Center believes in lab testing. Lab tests, such as thyroid, hormone, allergy, adrenal, or neurotransmitter testing, can correctly uncover the causes of your symptoms. Then, we work with clients to design a personalized holistic mental health plan. As an example, supplements targeted to benefit mental health, supplements targeted to promote brain functioning, and carefully chosen orthomolecular medicine methods can bring the body’s chemicals into equilibrium and help the client to begin feeling better. Nutrition, supplements and vitamins can be utilized as effective, healthy alternatives to medication and can also help relieve side effects of prescription medication withdrawal. We aim to do more than treat mental health and medication withdrawal, we educate clients to be their own experts on mental health care.

In conventional psychiatry, clients are rarely informed of mental health alternative therapies, and conventional psychiatrists do not typically perform complex medical examinations to ensure that a client’s problem is not stemming from an underlying medical condition which is presenting as psychiatric symptoms. Traditional psychiatrists rarely notify clients of the nature of their diagnosis, since this would likely mean informing the client that the psychiatric analysis is subjective and has no scientific or medical authority. Conventional psychiatry diagnoses are founded mostly on behaviors. At Alternative to Meds Center, we focus on more than just behavior. We provide a way to focus on the mind and body, while using both traditional and nontraditional forms of treatment. Traditional psychiatrists rarely inform patients of alternatives to medication. However, traditional treatment is not the only option; you have a choice.

A medical professional attains detailed medical history and performs a full physical exam to rule out all potential reasons that could cause a mixture of symptoms. After employing investigate techniques such as lab testing for mineral and vitamin levels and toxicity, a comple treatment plan is individualized for each client. There are many alternative mental health treatments, such as medical care that does not include subjective or stigmatizing labels or prescription drugs that have mind-altering side effects. To ensure success, we combine the most valuable aspects of medical care with complementary and alternative mental health treatments.

Many people are initially prescribed medication for their mental health concerns, and although medications play a pivotal role in medicine, they are usually not long term solutions for mental health. Many of the medications prescribed for mental illness can lead to physical dependency, tolerance to the drug, and medication withdrawal, like Seroquel withdrawal. Alternative to Meds Center can help get people off medication with little or no pain, overcome physical dependence, and address mental health with natural and more effective solutions than prescription drugs. You don’t have to face medication and mental health problems alone. We use scientific, safe, and alternative solutions to balance the brain.

There are several reasons that can contribute to or cause mental health symptoms and addictive biochemistry. These reasons can include distorted neurochemistry, hormonal imbalances, hypoglycemia, environmental toxicity, heavy metal toxicity, autoimmune disorders, fungal infections such as mold, infectious illness such as parasites, bacterial infections such as Lyme, nutritional deficiencies, as well as a widespread variety of additional medical problems. Uderlying medical conditions could be contributing to mental health concerns – we know how to address this safely and comfortably.

The brain is the first organ affected by chemical adjustments that are created by medical conditions. Therefore, medical conditions commonly produce mental health problems. Instead of treating medical conditions with psychiatric drugs, we address these issues as the medical problems that they are. Alternative to Meds Center provides individually tailored plans for removal of toxins including heavy metals and residues from medication, alcohol or drug use within a relaxing and luxurious mental health alternatives center. Our professional team customizes individual treatment plans for each client.

The mental health alternatives approach that we use includes discovering which neurotoxins a client may have and detoxifying them, cognitive behavioral therapy, comprehensive medication withdrawal and tapering methods, vitamins, supplements, nutritional therapies that are tailored for each client, acupuncture, spirituality, life coaching, massage therapies, ionic footbaths, sauna therapy, neurochemical repair, orthomolecular medicine, heavy metal removal, yoga, meditation, physical training, and many other healing therapies for the body and mind.

Clients reside in a homelike residence that is clearly different from the environment of a hospital or clinic. Aftercare programs are provided to help clients maintain the healthy, happy lifestyle they have worked so hard to create in our care. We encourage you to call us and find out about how we can help you overcome the problems you are currently facing with mental health alternatives. Don’t postpone your aspiration to handle mental health alternatively. Admissions counselors are here to answer your questions.

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