Medication Tapering

Medication Tapering

Medication tapering, also called de-prescribing, is desired or even necessary when continuing the medication could negatively impact the person's health.

There are many reasons why prescriptions are sometimes needed, such as mental health issues, unbearable symptomology, chronic or acute pain, pathological treatments, infections, and many more. For some, there are not very many alternatives to medication. For some, slight dosage reduction may be possible if desired to reduce side effects that the drug itself causes. But for a vast number who wish to de-escalate their medication regimen, there is much hope. Inherently, each person is a unique individual and should be "doctored" accordingly.

The Alternative to Meds Center Program

At the Alternative to Meds Center, tapering from medication is our specialty. We have helped thousands of clients wanting to free themselves from unwanted prescription drugs safely, gently, and with satisfying improvements as a result. Our clients' goals are our goals. Our exceptionally trained and experienced staff of over 40 clinicians, caregivers, and medical doctors are critical to our success.

Our luxury-styled facility provides the utmost in comfort and care through the entire in-patient process. The program is tailored to meet the individual's needs and requirements. Multiple therapies are used to ensure that reduction of medication can occur with the minimum of discomfort. We are also seeking the maximum gains in both physical and mental health, addressed via holistic means.

Restoring healthy neurochemistry takes prime focus for our clients. In the presence of toxins and heavy metals, the body cannot absorb nutrients very well. Therefore, we do an in-depth body cleanse at the outset, and flood the body with nutrients that it can now utilize for repair and corrective purposes. A clean mostly organic diet with no food additives, sugar, flour, preservatives, or processed food helps support the entire process. When the client is sleeping better, enjoying a better appetite, and less stress, more level mood, then we can begin the gentle taper smoothly.

Therapies Used at the Alternative to Meds Center

We have many therapists and caregivers on hand to provide the following services before, during and after the taper program:

  • Diagnostic lab testing for deficiencies, imbalances, allergies, significant genetic markers, etc.
  • Acupuncture
  • Reiki
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Bentonite clay packs
  • Ionic foot baths
  • Mineral baths
  • Targetted nutritional therapy
  • Use of low-temperature sauna
  • Chelators for purging heavy metals
  • Yoga classes
  • Healthy Neurochemistry classes
  • Life coaching
  • Personal counseling
  • Nebulized glutathione
  • Cranial sacral massage
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • and many more supportive treatments.

Overmedication and Tapering

The answer to overmedication is safely tapering. But it may not always be so cut and dried. Not all persons taking multiple prescription drugs can taper off them, as at least some of these may be necessary to keep certain conditions in check. Blood pressure medication is one example. But where one became inadvertently addicted to pain medication after surgery, for instance, this could have been followed with further prescriptions to "medicate" the side effects of the first medication. Similar scenarios can occur with antidepressant medications, anti-anxiety drugs, and many more, and the situation can spiral wildly out of control.

We have helped many people taper safely even when multiple medications were in use. Our clinicians use a sequence that works medically, and one certainly would not abruptly come off even one medicine, let alone 3 or 20 of them all at once.

The individual's treatment plan takes into account all of these types of factors, as well as the age, general health of the client, history of known drug side effects, drug interactions, and many more pieces of the puzzle. Our staff works out the very best, safest, most efficient path to reducing medication, and perhaps even de-prescribing down to zero in many cases. We always seek improvements to health. That is the goal with medication tapering.

Finding the Root Causes vs Masking With Medications

Clients who come to us have often not had the opportunity to investigate root causes for their problematic symptoms that led to medication in the first place. It cannot be considered humane just to stop pain medication, for example, without also handling the source of pain. Multiple situations sometimes need sorting out such as neuropathies, unhealed injuries, dental problems, toxic poisoning, nerve damage, allergies, and many others. The point is we try to investigate and discover the source(s) of the problem and see if the client can improve the causes of symptoms without increasing the need for drugs.

In another typical example, a person suffering insomnia would be placed at risk to take them off their sleeping pills, without at the same time fixing the cause of their insomnia. We do all we can to investigate and discover what imbalance or reactions to toxins, food or other allergies, or neurochemical deficits may be present. Once found, it may be able to be corrected without drugs. Sometimes the issues may be related to lifestyle or trauma and may wish to address these areas of concern. Happily, most clients begin sleeping and eating better and enjoy higher energy once the deep cleanse has been done. That is the best time to start to taper if this is their goal.

Find Out More

There are many details about our treatment program that you can learn about by calling the number on this page for more comprehensive information. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can also find out about insurance coverage, as most private companies will cover at least a percentage of the fees.

Do not despair if you feel trapped or overmedicated. There are answers. Call today. We are confident that we can help you to meet the challenges you or your loved one may be facing. We at the Alternative to Meds Center would be happy to give you much more information about practical protocols and support for successful medication tapering.

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