Klonopin Withdrawal Symptoms

Klonopin Withdrawal Symptoms

Klonopin withdrawal symptoms can disable a person relatively quickly after discontinuing the medication.

The FDA cautions against abruptly stopping the drug due to the possibility of life-threatening seizures and other risks that can occur.

Withdrawing from any benzo-type medication can be made untenable without obtaining proper guidance, support, and medical assistance. For these reasons, we recommend carefully planning cessation to avoid an unsuccessful outcome. We can help you, and have helped many who were facing this challenge.

About the Alternative to Meds Center

Our 18-bed facility located in Sedona Arizona provides residential treatment for safely tapering from medications such as Klonopin. Clients can opt for private or semi-private accommodations, and each unit features its own en-suite for both privacy and convenience. Clients do not have to stop their medication before arriving, and in fact, we caution against doing so, as it may complicate and even lengthen the overall process of getting well.

Orthomolecular-based diet is one crucial advantage of tapering under our care. Our highly trained gourmet chef skillfully provides meals, snacks, and delicious smoothies, according to nutrition-based guidelines. A correct diet can support and boost the body's ability to correct itself. Our clients rave about the quality of fare, and appreciate the care taken in preparing it.

Lab testing may reveal vital information such as nutritional deficiencies and toxicity that various protocols resolve during the program. The labs are done soon after arrival, and the results are used in programming each client. Signs we look for include the presence of neurotoxins that the cleanse phase of treatment will eliminate. Heavy metals, pesticides, harsh chemical compounds and other toxins can burden the CNS, and cause undesirable symptoms such as depression and anxiety, insomnia, and others. Those symptoms could have, at least in part, led to a person seeking a prescription such as Klonopin. After the cleanse is complete, clients typically report better sleep, improved appetite and mood, more energy, and a general boost in feeling stable and well.

It is at this point that we begin the taper, utilizing many therapeutic supports to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Common Klonopin Withdrawal Symptoms

Some of the most commonly reported symptoms during withdrawal from Klonopin include:

  • suicidality
  • seizure
  • insomnia
  • anxiety, nervousness
  • detached feeling, as if nothing is real
  • unusual mood changes, i.e., suspiciousness, sadness, hostility
  • loss of concentration
  • profuse sweating, fever, chills
  • feeling depressed or discouraged
  • headaches, other body aches
  • dizzy feelings
  • tremors, shaking, loss of coordination
  • coughing, sneezing, runny nose, congested nose
  • sore throat, hoarseness
  • tiredness and fatigue
  • muscle weakness
  • painful or burning urination
  • cloudy urine, or bloody urine
  • tight feeling across the chest
  • crawling or prickling feeling under the skin
  • slurred speech

How to Get Help

If you or your loved one suffers from the problem of being stuck on a drug you do not want to take, but which presents such difficulties as mentioned above, you may consider enlisting our help, rather than struggling on your own. We invite you to call the center and get more information on how the various program phases can prepare you for tapering and accomplish your goal of cessation or medication reduction safely and as comfortably as possible.

You do not have to continue suffering. Call the Alternative to Meds Center today and find out about our treatments that can help you safely garner relief from Klonopin withdrawal symptoms.

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