Klonopin Withdrawal Schedule

Klonopin Withdrawal Schedule

Klonopin withdrawal schedule planning can make the process much less problematic and much smoother than taking a random tapering approach.

Notes on Klonopin

  • Drug class: benzodiazepine, tranquilizer
  • Prescribed for: seizure disorders, panic disorders, anxiety
  • Warnings: doubled risk of suicidality, and increased frequency of grand mal seizures, can be fatal if mixed with opioids or other CNS depressants, not recommended for schizophrenia as the drug increases violent behavior in this population.
  • Half-life: 20 - 50 hours
  • Onset: within an hour
  • Fertility: animal studies showed decreased fertility including generationally inconclusive)
  • Birth Defects: animal studies showed deformed limbs, cleft palate, fused sternebrae, at low doses as well as high doses.
  • Pregnancy: Klonopin can pass to the nursing infant through breast-milk, infants can experience postnatal withdrawals if taken by mother during pregnancy.

Alternative to Meds Tapering Program

We have helped thousands of our clients to successfully taper off prescription and other drugs, using a uniquely tailored Klonopin withdrawal schedule for each client. Preparing for a taper is fundamental and can significantly ease the adverse effects associated with Klonopin discontinuation syndrome. Using a pre-taper set of lab tests helps to determine what factors to address before tapering begins.

Heavy metals, chemical residues, pollutants from environmental sources, food, water, etc. get trapped in the fat tissues, and block nutrient uptake. Accumulations of neurotoxic substances can be tested for and identified for removal from the system using such methods as:

  • chelators which bind to the toxin encouraging elimination
  • supplements to convert oil-soluble toxins to inert water-soluble form for removal via sweating and excretory channels.
  • low-temperature sauna to release toxin-laden sweat through the skin and excretory pathways to bypass taxing the liver and kidneys.

Toxin removal removes the barrier to absorbing nutrients and allows for the flooding of needed nutrients into the cells. Clients typically respond to this change in several positive ways. Feeling overall more energetic is commonly reported, along with the reduction in problematic symptoms: sleeping more soundly, increased appetite lessened anxiety and better mood. It is at this point of positive change that we would introduce safe and gradual tapering protocols.

About Our Center

We are located in Sedona, near the magnificent Red Rock Mountains of Arizona. Clients can choose private or semi-private accommodations, each with private en-suite. Our guests stay in our luxury-styled inpatient residence, with ample outdoor seating in the garden area, and within walking distance to many outdoor hiking trails. We arrange outdoor excursions on the weekends which have proven highly popular with our clients.

As clients progress through the steps of their program, they enjoy a clean nutrient-dense diet (no caffeine, sugars, refined or processed foods, etc.) in gourmet style. Chef also prepares nutritious and delicious smoothies and snacks to delight our residents.

Our staff of over forty highly trained clinicians, doctors and caregivers provide a comprehensive roster of adjunct treatments and therapies, including:

  • therapeutic massage
  • colon hydrotherapy
  • yoga/mild exercise
  • Trauma Release, CBT counseling, addiction counseling, various genres
  • bentonite clay masks
  • castor oil packs
  • adventure therapy, art therapy
  • cranial sacral massage
  • nebulized glutathione treatments
  • ionic foot baths, mineral baths, spa treatments

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Please call us at the number listed on this page for more details about The Alternative to Meds (Sedona) Center holistic programs, including prescription drug tapering, as well as many other available treatments. Also, fee free to ask us any questions you may have about our treatment protocols. Our facility specializes in providing a haven for health, along with compassionate and gentle treatment while being guided through a tailored Klonopin withdrawal schedule.

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