Klonopin Addiction Treatment Center

Klonopin Addiction Treatment Center

Since Klonopin discontinuation can cause extreme discomfort and potential danger, a Klonopin addiction treatment center is necessary to get off and stay off this medication in almost all cases of Klonopin dependence.

Possible symptoms of Klonopin withdrawal include insomnia, severe anxiety, muscle cramps, vomiting, depression, and even seizures and suicidal thoughts. The physical withdrawal symptoms can be so extreme that there are few people who can resist the great desire to take Klonopin to dissipate the withdrawal effects. Alternative to Meds Center provides treatment for Klonopin addiction and withdrawal that significantly relieves all of the uncomfortable and serious withdrawal effects.

Because benzodiazepine medications like Klonopin are what we are most familiar with, we know how to medically and therapeutically attend to this problem effectively. Klonopin can create a psychological dependence to the exhilarating effects produced by the medication; and qualified treatment is typically necessary for Klonopin addicts to overcome the progression of abuse. Willpower alone is rarely going to be enough and without proper treatment as well as peer support; the chance of lasting success is slim. In our Klonopin addiction treatment center, help is provided on a customized and comprehensive basis involving licensed counselors, medical professionals and group therapy. It has been shown that peer support is effective in addiction treatment.

To beat this addiction for good, the person has to become educated with new coping mechanisms so as to have tools ready to overcome cravings if they arise. Our program does more than successfully treat the addiction and withdrawal components of Klonopin; we aim to correct the causes of the anxiety that led to Klonopin use. Our treatments are gradual, never forced, and clients participate in decision making procedures. Their medication can be tapered slowly, but this only begins when they are feeling relieved from cravings, anxiety, or any other discomforts; and are fully able to smoothly handle the tapering process.

Customized treatment approaches ensure comfort and safety. Though all treatment plans are fully customized for the individual, some of our therapies include holistic, orthomolecular and alternative medicine, licensed counseling, group therapy, case management, peer support, diet therapies, whole and organic food, supplementation, IV nutrients, massage, chelation, sauna therapy, acupuncture, yoga, exercise, colonics, lab testing, ionic footbaths, and many, many other treatment methods that are medical, therapeutic, and corrective. Our program is not a one size fits all method; we personalize recovery programs for the person. Lab testing and ongoing assessments create a successful and unique experience for each resident. The environment of our program is more like a spa than a rehab facility, which offers our clients the comforts of home in a medically capable atmosphere. If you want a permanent solution, call the number on this page for a free consultation about our Klonopin addiction treatment center.

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