How to Quit Taking Klonopin

How to Quit Taking Klonopin

Many people on Klonopin eventually wonder how to quit taking Klonopin. The initial reasons why a benzodiazepine such as Klonopin is prescribed include anxiety, muscle-relaxation, panic, and convulsions. Whether this medication is prescribed as an occasion, short or long term answer, it can be very addictive.

Benzodiazepines frequently require continuous dosage increases due to the tolerance that is developed. Tolerance also leads to often severe withdrawal effects if the dose is reduced or stopped. To quit taking Klonopin, experienced guidance such as what we offer at Alternative to Meds Center is almost always needed since there are potentially extreme consequences that unsupervised benzodiazepine withdrawal may present. Qualified professionals are available 24/7 to ensure your comfort and safety within our pampering center for withdrawal.

Klonopin withdrawal consists of physical symptoms as well as emotional and psychological effects. The possibilities of serious physical effects alone, such as seizures, make this a difficult withdrawal. The emotional and psychological factors make it almost impossible to get off this medication alone without help, particularly after long-term use. Self-withdrawal additionally often leads to relapsing onto the medication to diminish the discomfort. All of this can be very discouraging, instilling a sense of failure and panic. At Alternative to Meds Center, benzodiazepines are the prescription drugs that we most often help people withdrawal from. Therefore, we are well aware of how to effectively get people off of the medication without all of the dangers and discomfort that at-home withdrawal can present.

We have supported thousands of individuals through withdrawal from medications including Klonopin. For a comfortable, simple and safe process of how to quit taking Klonopin, each of our clients is provided with an entirely individualized treatment process that is tailored based on lab testing results, psychological and physical evaluations, and additional assessments. Lab testing helps us to identify the deficiencies and needs of the person’s body, which not only helps the withdrawal; it also assists us in addressing the underlying anxiety and other symptoms such as insomnia. Medical professionals, trained counselors, and supportive staff ensure that if any changes are necessary, they are implemented right away. So, if any discomfort arises; we handle it promptly and properly. Ongoing sessions with licensed counselors help with the emotional and psychological aspects of anxiety and withdrawal.

Counseling also allows one to create new and healthy coping skills which are incredibly important once withdrawal is completed. Although withdrawal is made comfortable in our center, it still requires willpower and stability. No part of our program is forced. Before, during, and following the Klonopin tapering, some of our provided therapies include: acupuncture, yoga, massage, IV nutrients, group therapy, supplementation, sauna therapy, body detoxification, colonics, chelation, orthomolecular medicine, holistic medicine, alternative medicine, peer support, ionic footbaths, customized diet therapy, exercise, hiking, Qi Gong, whole and organic foods, neurotoxin removal, corrective methods that target the source of anxiety or other symptoms, and the benefits of several additional relaxing and healing treatments.

We only begin to employ gradual tapering when our clients are feeling stable and relieved from their anxiety and other symptoms. When clients have finished Klonopin discontinuation and are feeling naturally well, physically and emotionally, aftercare is available. Aftercare consists of many of the same treatments, such as counseling and lab testing, provided throughout withdrawal and ensures a smooth transition from treatment back to home-life. Our goal is more than efficiently relieving withdrawal; we additionally aim to relieve the root causes of the anxiety that initially led to being prescribed Klonopin. Relieving the source of anxiety allows for long term success where our clients return to their lives in a happy, healthy way without the desire for medication. If you want a lasting solution to how to quit taking Klonopin, please call the number listed on this page and receive a free consultation.

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