How Can I Stop My Klonopin

How Can I Stop My Klonopin

Many people take Klonopin might wonder “how can I stop my Klonopin”?

Original reasons why Klonopin is prescribed by doctors and psychiatrists include panic and panic attacks, anxiety and anxiety attacks, convulsions, insomnia, and for muscle relaxation. Klonopin may be prescribed as a one-time use in a high dose following a traumatic experience, as an intermittent treatment for infrequent panic attacks, or as a long-term treatment for anxiety, insomnia, or other reasons. Klonopin and other benzodiazepine medication can be quite addictive which commonly results in continuous increases in dosage as well as severe withdrawal symptoms if discontinuation is attempted after long-term use. Qualified and specialized help is highly encouraged when one wants to stop taking Klonopin due to the potential risks of withdrawal.

Klonopin withdrawal can include psychological, emotional, and physical effects. The physical aspect of withdrawal may comprise of muscle stiffness, tremors, dizziness, stress, insomnia, intestinal problems, flu-like symptoms, vertigo, inability to relax, and seizures. Psychological withdrawal symptoms include memory loss, depression, aggression, irritability, confusion, anxiety, panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts. An emotional change often occurs as the person is scared of living without taking the medication, the true challenge of self-withdrawal becomes apparent, and any slight difficulty of withdrawal can cause feelings of impending disaster. Anxiety or other underlying symptoms must be effectively addressed for Klonopin discontinuation to be a true success.

More than willpower is needed to get off, and stay off, Klonopin. A serious amount of discipline is necessary for one to get off Klonopin at home without professional help. However, even if one does get off the medication on their own, it is extremely unlikely that they won’t return to taking the medication as they are not equipped with proper coping skills and the underlying symptoms have yet to be effectively addressed. Not to mention that everyone is different, so tapering schedules need to be different for each person. Getting off benzodiazepines is typically not as simple as following an online blog. Entirely customized treatment plans make sure that each person receives what they need to get off and remain off Klonopin.

We provide supervised medical tapering. Each resident receives initial and ongoing physical and psychological evaluations which help to create the methodical and customized withdrawal plan that allows one to comfortably and safely stop taking Klonopin. We deal with benzodiazepines more often than any other type of drug and therefore is adequately familiar with how to efficiently alleviate withdrawal; both physically and psychologically. We do not mandate any part of the program, and the withdrawal process only starts when the client is feeling relief and ready to go through tapering smoothly. Medical and therapeutic supervision is available 24/7 to ensure that if any uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms do arise, it is immediately addressed

Residents receive regular counseling sessions with trained therapists to work through emotions, challenges in life, and to create new and healthy skills for coping that help with long-term relief from anxiety. Group therapy, peer support and case management are additionally provided. Therapies that help relieve withdrawal symptoms and keep residents occupied include hiking, yoga, acupuncture, footbaths, sauna, Jacuzzi, Qi Gong, art therapy, whole and organic food, individualized diets, supplements, holistic medicine, chelation, IV nutrients, and much more. Our goal is to also relieve the anxiety or other symptoms that resulted in taking Klonopin. To do so, we address the underlying causes of these symptoms. Each person’s treatment program is specifically customized for their unique body chemistry and needs. If you want a permanent solution to how can I stop my Klonopin, please call the number listed above and receive a free consultation.

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