How Can I Stop My Ativan

How Can I Stop My Ativan

Many individuals using Ativan may wonder “How can I stop my Ativan”? Initial reasons physicians and physiatrists prescribe benzodiazepines like Ativan include anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, anti-convulsion, and muscle-relaxation.

Ativan can be given as a one-time high-dose use after traumatic experiences or in the form of long-term low doses for anxiety or insomnia. Ativan and other benzodiazepines are very addictive, leading to constant increase in dosage and extreme withdrawal symptoms from discontinuation of use. Professional medical help such as what we provide is highly suggested due to the consequences that may develop from Ativan withdrawal symptoms.

Ativan can be stopped with comfort and safety. Ativan withdrawal includes physical, emotional and psychological symptoms. Physical symptoms can include intestinal issues, insomnia, dizziness, tremors, flu-like effects, vertigo, tremors, seizures, and muscle stiffness. Psychological symptoms include anxiety, aggression, irritability, confusion, depression, memory problems, and the difficulty of self-withdrawal becomes obvious. An emotional shift also occurs because the individual is afraid of facing life without the medication, and any slight complication of withdrawal can trigger a feeling of impending chaos.

Professional guidance ensures a smooth transition to being medication-free. It takes more than willpower to get off of Ativan. A great amount of discipline would be required for an Ativan user to get off their medication at-home. Considering that the individual is on a benzodiazepine, they are not likely prepared emotionally to endure all of the withdrawal effects and continue with tapering the medication to completion. If there is any perceived failure, it may drive a return to the original dose or higher. Finally, individuals are very different from one another so withdrawal effects are unpredictable and erratic, and adjustments to medication dosages while tapering are common. It is uncommon that one will be capable of managing all of this on their own at home. The chance of under dosing or over dosing also suggests that self-withdrawal is too risky.

We have helped thousands of people get off medications such as Ativan. We provide medical tapering for benzodiazepine withdrawal. Each resident is assessed on a physical and psychological basis that creates a methodical withdrawal process customized for that person. We are also highly familiar with benzodiazepines and know how to effectively relieve physical and psychological withdrawal. We do not force any part of the program, and tapering only starts once one is feeling able to endure the process of stopping Ativan. The individual is supervised by medical and psychological professionals to address any uncomfortable aspects of withdrawal.

Residents have regular sessions with trained counselors to address emotions, life issues and create new coping tools to assist with long-term recovery. After successful completion of our program, aftercare is provided. Aftercare can include ongoing treatments and therapies such as counseling and internship. Our goal is to not only safely relieve physical Ativan dependence and withdrawal but also to address the underlying causes of anxiety and lead residents to a happy, health, medication-free life. We provide specialized drug treatment to attend to the varying aspects of Ativan dependence, withdrawal, and anxiety. Please call the number on this page or contact us by email. If you are searching for a permanent answer to how can I stop my Ativan, please call the number listed on this page and speak with an admissions counselor.

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