Help Getting Off of Ativan

Help Getting Off of Ativan

With professional and methodical help getting off of Ativan, withdrawal from this medication can be accomplished.

To get off of Ativan at Alternative to Meds Center, a pre-tapering program is employed for the first week or two of treatment and then, once the person feels stable and well, a gradual tapering off of Ativan. While slowly decreasing the Ativan, several therapies, treatments and methods of help are provided that diminish withdrawal side effects. Getting off of Ativan can be comfortably achieved.

The techniques we provide can ease the protracted withdrawal symptoms that are commonly faced when one has tried to complete Ativan withdrawal at home without help. Many people try to stop their medication at home before seeking help. One of the most common symptoms is anxiety, which is usually the reason why the medication was started in the first place. In some cases, one will experience anxiety without even reducing their medication as they likely have developed a tolerance to the drug and would require continual increases in dosage to keep the anxiousness at bay. We ensure that our clients do not continually suffer from anxiety after benzodiazepine withdrawal.

In our treatment program, we aim to do more than alleviate withdrawal; we also help individuals address the underlying reasons for their anxiety so they do not feel the need for medication. It is incredibly unlikely that a yearlong dosage reduction followed by an additional year of continuing anxiety is necessary to get off this medication, which is described in various online blogs. We have become vastly familiar with the potential problems that may arise while getting off of Ativan and other benzodiazepine medications. Therefore, we know how to prevent symptoms of withdrawal from occurring. Our diverse methods allow for effective addressing of withdrawal and anxiety.

The help we provide is gradual, and the actual tapering process only begins once the person feels relieved from their anxiousness, panic, or inability to sleep and can comfortably endure the tapering process. There is not one part of our program that is forced, and our residents are encouraged to be active participants in decision making processes. Through the use of corrective, preventative and therapeutic measures, the root of anxiety can be addressed and a comfortable withdrawal can be accomplished. Some of the methods we provide include IV nutrient treatments, diet therapy, counseling and life coaching, peer support, case management, lab testing, acupuncture, colonics, alternative and holistic medicine, sauna therapy, supplementation, and chelation. These therapies, among others provide what is needed for successful elimination of anxiety and comfortable Ativan discontinuation. If you want a permanent solution for help getting off of Ativan, please call our admissions counselors at the number listed on this page.

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