Gabapentin Withdrawal Symptoms

Gabapentin Withdrawal Symptoms

Gabapentin withdrawal symptoms can be managed efficiently and overcome, given the right kind of support and treatment.

At the Alternative to Meds Center, we have helped thousands of clients to successfully meet such difficult health challenges, using effective holistic and compassionate treatment protocols.

An anti-seizure medication, Gabapentin commonly treats such conditions as epilepsy, but can also be prescribed to treat non-epileptic seizures, migraines, nerve pain or neuropathy and restless legs syndrome. Sometimes, because of the side effects of the drug, a person may wish to seek other treatments for their health challenges and come off or at least reduce their prescription of Gabapentin. It may be possible for us to assist you with this goal.

Coming off an anti-convulsant drug abruptly, such as Gabapentin, can be life-threatening and should never be attempted without medical help and guidance. However, many physicians in general practice receive the bulk of their training on pathology and not on how to help a patient safely withdraw from medications. Such a physician would likely recommend the patient continue their prescription, despite the wishes of the person. Thus, without the help they need, a person may feel trapped into staying on a drug that they do not want to continue taking for the rest of their life. We can help.

Alternative to Meds Center

Our center has been helping people with medication management and withdrawal for over ten years. Located in Sedona, Arizona, the center enjoys virtually perfect weather all year round with blue skies and warm, dry air. The magical scenery that surrounds the facility illuminates the many windows throughout the residence with sunny, vibrant colors. There is also plenty of comfortable outside seating for relaxation and taking in all the serenity and beauty.

We aim to provide our clients with the utmost in comfort and care during their stay with us. Our medical and clinical teams were hand chosen for their compassion and expertise, and their dedication to helping others.

Important to note, it may not always be possible to eliminate all medication for every client. But thankfully, it may be realistically possible to at least reduce medication, without suffering Gabapentin withdrawal symptoms. This goal, within a broader context of ongoing holistic therapies and methods, can achieve success by using holistic techniques and treatments to provide relief from physical challenges and unwanted symptoms.

Symptoms of Gabapentin Withdrawal

With holistic treatments and non-invasive therapies, we can help reduce and eliminate withdrawal symptoms in a variety of ways such as targetted nutrition, cleansing toxic load from the body, correcting neurochemistry and many other treatments. With the careful preparation and on-going care of each client, we can avoid such withdrawal symptoms such as:

  • anxiety
  • excessive sweating
  • insomnia
  • sensitivity to light, sound, motion
  • racing heartbeat
  • hallucination
  • confusion
  • rebound seizures
  • rebound headaches
  • irritability

For More Information

Please contact us directly at the number on this page to find out more about our holistic programming for the treatment of medication reduction, tapering, and cessation where possible. Often, physical symptoms that led to medication, such as headaches, can be resolved through the techniques described above. Our pre-treatment assessment and lab testing are valuable ways to provide some better insights and options to address these questions.

Never abruptly stop taking an anticonvulsant drug. The best way forward is to seek help for your unique medical situation. Call us today and ask us about how our program may be the exact help you or a loved one needs to address and resolve Gabapentin withdrawal symptoms.

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