Effexor Withdrawal Symptoms

Effexor Withdrawal Symptoms

Effexor withdrawal symptoms concern the over 50% who receive no positive effect from the SNRI drug and wish to discontinue taking Effexor.

Another 25%, according to a recently published study from Yale University experience adverse reactions to this drug class, and for this reason also may opt to stop. Those two groups make a large number of people, especially considering that around 1 in 12 adults living in America now consumes these popularized drugs.

Women who become pregnant also may decide to come off an SNRI drug, to avoid adverse outcomes such as premature birth and birth defects in their child. And young people who take the medication (despite FDA warnings) and experience suicidal thoughts are also prime candidates for stopping.

These are good reasons to want to quit Effexor. However, there is a prime barrier opposing the goal of being Effexor-free. Reactions to the withdrawal of drugs can severely impair quality of life, especially when withdrawing from the drug is done too briskly, and without proper support and guidance. We can help those who wish to come off SNRI's and other types of medications safely through helpful protocols, oversight and using holistic methods to improve the condition(s) that the drug was initially prescribed to treat, but did not resolve.

SNRI drugs influence both serotonin and norepinephrine hormones (neurotransmitters) in ways that are not entirely understood. Though many rat and mice experiments and other types of clinical trials have been done, the brain continues to withhold some of its intricate details in the most secret of chambers, as yet unopened. What we do know is that SNRI drugs do not create more serotonin and norepinephrine, despite muddy wording from advertisers and promoters that may suggest otherwise.

SNRI drugs have the effect of purging available neurotransmitters and holding them (blocking their reuptake) within the nerve synapses. This blockage may have a temporary stimulating effect, which some have compared to cocaine or other stimulant drugs. However, these hormone molecules degrade and become inert after a period, leaving behind a deficit of neurotransmitters. One could liken this to a forest fire, which burns brightly for a time, leaving behind a blackened patch of char. The good news in reforestation is that trees can be planted again, which will allow a lush forest to stand in the future. But it may take some time for nature to catch up.

Holistic Treatment and Effexor Withdrawal Symptoms

The significant symptoms of SNRI drugs can linger into the withdrawal phase, along with emerging symptoms which can include:

  • brain zaps
  • suicidality
  • worsened depression
  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • nausea and vomiting
  • cramps
  • tremors
  • aggressiveness
  • restlessness

The Alternative to Meds Center has a program for those who wish to taper from Effexor and other medications. Multiple phases of treatment will gently help improve a person's sense of physical and emotional wellness, along with a reduction in the above-mentioned adverse effects. During the initial steps, lab testing can reveal hormonal deficits, nutritional deficiencies, the presence of heavy metals and other neurotoxins, and additional vital information.

A cleanse is done to purge neurotoxicity, concurrently with flooding the body with missing nutrients. These are pre-taper steps. Once the person is eating healthier, enjoying an improved appetite, energy, and better sleep, the taper process can begin gently without introducing too many changes all at once. Many other therapies are employed to make the journey as comfortable and tolerable as possible, including therapeutic massage, mild exercise and yoga stretching, nebulized glutathione treatments, cranial sacral work, spa and mineral baths, counseling, life coaching, art therapy, drug education, neurochemistry classes, and many more. Our holistic step by step methods and protocols in the warm community of peer support have proved successful for thousands of our clients who are now drug-free, having achieved their goal of improved well-being, armed with vital knowledge about self-care.

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