Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Drug withdrawal symptoms tend to cause the opposite kinds of feelings and sensations the drug induced.

For instance, if a drug made a person feel relaxed, the withdrawals are likely to present as anxiety, agitation, and unrest. If the drug suppressed pain, the result of discontinuing would manifest severe levels of pain and discomfort. Stopping a sleep aid will often result in a worsening of insomnia that it was treating. The level of euphoria the drug created will mirror itself in agony felt during withdrawals. Such is the paradox of drugs.

After drinking too much alcohol, the next day likely results in the all-too-familiar "hangover," in no small part the result of dehydration and loss of essential vitamins and minerals. The body can revert to normal with enough rest, H2o, food, and perhaps an ice pack or an aspirin, within a day or so. The neurochemistry and the CNS can eventually survive the onslaught via adequate self-care. One may decide that enough is enough, and lay off drinking for quite a time, sometimes forever.

However, repeating the high volume alcohol consumption day after day provides no chance for stabilization. At this point, the person may need to drink "just to feel normal," which is another name for alcohol dependence and will suffer significant nutritional deficits, impaired organ function, and the ever-present threat of life-threatening withdrawals when not drinking.

Whether one started taking drugs or alcohol to treat (or numb) unwanted symptoms, or for pleasure-seeking, the rebound effect of drugs often traps the person in becoming dependent upon them. The need to continue to suppress symptoms, and to avoid withdrawals can increase in intensity as time goes on. Like a growing debt that cannot ever be repaid and ends in bankruptcy, drug dependence also heavily taxes a person's health, pocketbook, and may even lead to death, unless one accesses and uses the correct tools with which to resolve the situation successfully.

Drug-based Treatment vs. Holistic Treatment for Addiction

In the case of alcohol, benzo drugs, and others, the withdrawal symptoms can be so severe as to be life-threatening. Under medical supervision, sedatives must be given to prevent seizure, heart attack, or stroke during the initial cessation steps of recovery. This limited use of drugs is proven to be sound and dramatically reduces risk in withdrawal management.

Holistic treatment in addiction recovery plays a vitally important role that should follow acute care as described above. After the person has come safely through the window of risk in drug or alcohol cessation, follow-up holistic treatment can help the body and neurochemistry to stabilize, without resorting to additional prescription drugs. Prescribing one drug to solve addiction to another is not part of our program for addiction treatment.

Instead of prescribing recovering heroin addicts sedatives, benzos, and even substitute opiates as long-term addiction treatment, holistic protocols would aim to correct the reasons for any lingering withdrawals that can plague someone after quitting heroin. At the Alternative to Meds Center in Sedona, we provide such steps that can accelerate healing after substance addiction or dependence.

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