Treatment for Depression

Treatment for Depression

At Alternative to Meds Center, treatment for depression may include counseling, group therapy, lab testing, and correcting the reasons that are underpinning the symptoms of depression.

Our natural approach utilizes integrated medical and holistic techniques. For individuals struggling with bipolar or manic depression, we provide professional depression help in a safe, healing environment. If you were told that the only way to ease depression or anxiety is with prescription medications, we offer another option.

We work to correct the causal factors of depression by administering IV nutrient therapies, amino acids, trace elements, fatty acids, vitamins, and supplements that are targeted to balance the neurochemistry and restore serotonin. Pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplementation are provided on a personalized basis depending on individual biochemistry, lab test results and medical assessments. If you have been unable to receive adequate relief from depression, you can call us today for the guidance you are looking for.

We get to the bottom of depression, using a holistic and orthomolecular model of treatment that is always including new and better ways to identify the root causes of depressive illnesses. Our alternative treatment for depression often does much more than treat symptoms, as we work to educate our clients on how to live fulfilling lives without depression or the need for medication. Many treatment centers give more medications, little counseling, and a poor diet. We employ customized diet and nutrition therapies, counseling, and proactive treatment that addresses the whole person.

In many cases at our clinic, we have found that the source of depression and other symptoms is correctable. At Alternative to Meds Center, you can count on alternative treatment depression for chronic, manic or bipolar depression. If you are taking presciption medicaitons and looking for alternatives we offer treatment programs for Cymbalta Withdrawal, Celexa Withdrawal and most all other antidressant drugs. We are always encompassing new ways of treating those in desperate need of effectual, natural depression treatment. We have a track record of helping even the most serious causes of depression find lasting success and happiness in their lives. If you would like, you can even talk to someone who has been through something similar to what you are going through.

Antidepressant Withdrawal Success Video

Susan's Success Story

Watch the video of how Susan was so debilitated by medications, anxiety, depression and poor health that she could barely leave her house. Follow her amazing story through treatment, and back ...

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