Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Protocol

Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Protocol

Benzodiazepine withdrawal protocol recommendations can help to reduce the discomfort associated with coming off benzodiazepine drugs.

In this modern age of medical research and vast knowledge, it remains an unfortunate and troubling fact that many physicians, as well as psychiatrists, were never trained how to help clients come off benzos successfully. Some physicians may not recognize withdrawal symptoms, and may even assume that some new form of mental illness is suddenly emerging. A typical response to patients reporting adverse withdrawal effects is for an inexperienced physician or psychiatrist to raise the dosage, or switch medications or add multiple medications to handle these symptoms.

We have had clients come to our Sedona center for benzodiazepine withdrawal protocol planning, to help untangle many such scenarios. Despite the sometimes extremely complicated layers of drug and other damage, we provide the gentlest, safest route back to healthy and balanced neurochemistry. Benzo withdrawal should be done gradually and with much support along the way. We can help.

Our Residential Facility

Our sunny Sedona center, housed in a luxurious and serene retreat-like setting, provides private or semi-private accommodations, each with private en-suite, for clients during their stay. The center can accommodate up to 18 clients. We take female and male clients, 18+ years of age. Outdoor excursions are especially popular on the weekends and include hiking the many trails in the Red Rock Mountains, sight-seeing Sedona and surrounds, fantastic photo ops, local artisan and craft fairs, music festivals and many more unique and enjoyable activities.

Meals in the center are created using clean, chemical and preservative-free ingredients. Our gourmet chef creates culinary fare using produce and other foods which are mostly organic and locally sourced in his highly popular and delicious menu plans, including smoothies and snacks.

The center uses no toxic cleaning, laundry, personal care or other products to maintain a pristine and healthy environment for our clients. Water and air are both purified using state of the art technology, which we believe is among the best in the world. We understand that toxins can be responsible for neurochemical interference and we monitor and maintain these high standards everywhere in the center for the sake of our clients' and staff's health.

Tapering Steps Can Be Made More Tolerable

Along with gently and gradually reducing medication during the taper process, clients enjoy many additional therapies to help keep any discomfort to a minimum. Some of these include:

  • therapeutic massage
  • mineral baths
  • ionic foot baths, other spa treatments
  • bentonite (clay) treatment
  • castor oil packs
  • vitamin and mineral therapy
  • low-temperature sauna
  • cranial sacral massage
  • addiction and personal counseling, trauma release, CBT and other therapeutic genres
  • acupuncture
  • nebulized glutathione treatments

For More Information

You are invited to call us at the number listed on this page for further information and to get any other questions you may have thoroughly answered. Our admissions staff can take the time to discuss treatment options with you. We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you and help to plan your or your loved one's recommended benzodiazepine withdrawal protocol.

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