Benzo Withdrawal Timeline

Benzo Withdrawal Timeline

Benzo withdrawal timeline information may give persons who wish to taper off long-term benzo use a general idea of what to expect throughout the benzo tapering process.

As each person is an individual with unique challenges and circumstances, one is strongly encouraged to seek help and medical oversight to successfully undertake such a task. It may be difficult, especially in the beginning phases, to continue one's usual daily routines. Everyday things like cooking or cleaning or going to work, could be difficult without help and it may be necessary to take time off for a while.

We cannot overstate, also, the importance of preparing for such an undertaking. The Alternative to Meds Center takes a person through a meticulous set of preparatory actions, which are done to help ensure an even-keeled, safe and gentle experience with the best chance of a successful outcome. At the end of the article, you can contact the center for much more detailed information on this and other vital parts of the program we offer.

SPECIAL WARNING: The FDA recommends never to stop benzo drugs abruptly, as to do so may endanger your health. The better and safer approach is to taper over time and to seek help to do so.

Two Sources of Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Symptoms

There are two sets of symptoms that should be considered in a benzo withdrawal timeline, regardless of how long or short a time they were taken. One set is the drug withdrawals, which can present within a few hours of the last dose. These are reactions that the body undergoes as a result of its attempting to normalize, coping without the presence of the drug in the system.

Without proper preparation, these benzo discontinuation symptoms can be quite severe and unsettling, and there may be quite a number of these, such as:

  • Headache
  • Shaking
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Irritability
  • Muscle pain
  • Muscle stiffness, spasms
  • Racing heartbeat

Rebound Symptoms During Benzo Taper

There is a second set of symptoms called the rebound symptoms, which means a return of the original unwanted feelings that the drug was taken to alleviate. If one used benzos as a sleep aid, there would likely be a return of insomnia. Should the original unwanted condition have been anxiety, this will return, and these old conditions may come back with a surprising intensity. These adverse rebound symptoms can linger on for extended periods of time, perhaps months and years, unless one can find and implement ways to correct them at their source.

Suffering rebounds and benzo withdrawals concurrently, one can expect tapering from benzo drugs to be a daunting task, and this is especially true where one does not have experienced clinicians and caregivers to help. Alternative to Meds Center understands that the original symptoms could have many possible root-causes, and our medical team works with each client to investigate the underlying reasons for their initial symptoms, so that the client enjoys a correction (rather than a band-aid) in their overall health.

When to Expect Symptoms

Each person is different of course, but some factors commonly contribute to the benzo withdrawal timeline. The half-life or length of time a single dose of the drug remains active in the body makes a difference. Some benzodiazepines stay active much longer than others, so their withdrawal symptoms may have a delayed onset compared to the shorter half-life of some other type of benzo. The time it takes to taper from benzodiazepines can vary but can be shortened with proper preparation and nutritional and other support.

Where to Find the Best Help for Benzo Tapering

Often, medical doctors who prescribe benzo drugs do not have the expertise or experience to help their patients to withdraw from them. But do not lose hope. There is help available. Contact us at the Alternative to Meds Center for more detailed information on the program we offer and how easy it may be for you to enroll and be able to begin your successful benzo withdrawal timeline.

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