Alternative Treatments for ADD

Alternative Treatments for ADD

Alternative to Meds Center provides clients with world-class alternative treatments for ADD, depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns.

While prescription drugs and traditional, behavioral therapies are the most commonly used ADHD treatments, many individuals wonder if alternative treatments for ADD or ADHD may be effective. Alternative to Meds Center is using non-drug treatments to address attention deficit disorder in adolescents and adults. Too commonly, stimulants prescribed for ADD become gateway drugs for additional psychiatric medications when the drugs may have never been needed. Children often end up on 4 or 5 medications at one time and a bipolar diagnosis by the age of ten. All of this can be avoided or mended with the help of scientifically proven natural ADHD treatment. Are you or your child, or someone else you care about, suffering from ADD or ADHD? We provide lasting, effective and drug-free treatment of ADD. You can read more about our treatment services on our Prozac withdrawal section or call for a consultation to speak with trained admission counselors.

Symptoms of ADHD include inattention and/or impulsivity-hyperactivity that are no appropriate for age. Three different kinds of ADHD exist. Combined ADHD, which is most common, includes all symptoms. Inattentive ADHD is characterized by impaired concentration and attention, and impulsive-hyperactive ADHD is characterized by hyper activeness without inattentiveness. You don’t have to face the woes of ADD/ADHD alone. You can reach your greatest potential; we can help you make the first steps.

ADD Alternatives and Nontraditional Treatment. Alternative treatments for ADHD and ADD include dietary interventions, cognitive behavioral therapy, neurofeedback, detoxification, complementary treatments such as acupuncture, and others alternative mental health therapies. Traditional treatment is not the only option, you have a choice.

What dietary interventions are employed with alternative treatments for ADD? Many years ago, Ben Feingold, a medical doctor and allergist came up with a popular elimination diet targeted to treat hyperactivity. This diet suggested the elimination of artificial flavorings, colorings, and preservatives to decrease hyperactivity. While this specific theory is not scientifically proven, using some form of nutritional therapy and elimination therapy has proven to be effective for many adolescents and adults struggling with ADD or ADHD. With elimination diets, a person tries eliminating specific foods if they believe the food is affecting behavior negatively. We provide nutritional therapy and dietary regimens targeted to benefit individuals with ADD.

Nutritional pharmacology is not on the outside of medicine anymore. Foods affect the brain. Foods affect behavior. Research shows that carbohydrates and processed sugars can affect a person’s activity level. Since these sugars enter the bloodstream quickly, they can create a rapid influx in blood glucose levels. You can read more about these holistic treatment methods on our Prozac alternatives articles. Once blood sugar levels spike, the person may become more active from the adrenaline rush provided by the increase in blood glucose. Nutrition experts recommend adding extra fiber to an ADD person’s diet to keep them stable and help control glucose levels. Foods high in fiber include fruits and berries, oatmeal, and whole grains. We have discovered that mental health comes from a well fed, toxin-free brain and body. Mental healthiness is a properly fed, chemical free brain.

What is the most effective evidence-based approach? All experts agree that a multimodal approach is most effective. While there is no single definitive cause of ADHD, researchers world-wide have advanced in identifying biochemical and environmental relations to the disorder, and in keeping track of how it affects brain function and metabolism. Even though leading researchers currently differ on the most effective ADHD treatment, all are in agreement that a multimodal approach, an approach that implements dietary changes, counseling, unique educational strategies and possibly vitamin therapy – is best. Our professional team creates a customized plan for each client.

Potential causes of Attention Deficit Disorders ( ADD ). Many holistic health oriented medical professionals believe that possible causes for the contemporary epidemic of ADD and hyperactivity are: Refined sugar, food additives, poor nutrition, food allergies, natural light deficiency, and heavy metal toxicity ( for example: mercury, cadmium or lead toxicity). We employ investigative techniques to discover why symptoms are occurring.

Success by a dietary approach. Because the precursors to neurotransmitters are amino acids, low levels may lead to neurotransmitter deficiencies and higher than necessary levels can cause neurotransmitter excess. An example of excessive amino acids causing hyperactivity occurs with aspartame, the artificial sweetener. In those who consume a large amount of aspartame via soft drinks and other processed food items, amino acid levels can be substantially abnormal. Nutrient dependencies and deficiencies may have deteriorating effects on memory and thinking – short and long term. Feeding the brain and clearing it out of toxins and chemicals is a crucial aspect of alternative treatments for ADD.

Feed your Mind: Your Brain is a Hungry Organ. Drug free treatment of attention deficit disorder. Remember, the goal of real health care should always be to discover the underlying causes of health issues. Simply covering up the symptoms of the causes with drugs is not an optimum approach. We investigate underlying causes of ADD symptoms and address the causes with drug free treatment of attention deficit disorder.

Do you want answers to your health concerns? Stimulant Drugs Do Not Provide Lasting Improvement? Short lived benefits have been obtained with stimulant medications such as Ritalin, but no long term improvements have been shown. A collection of all the research studies published during the past 20 years about the effects of stimulants for ADD and ADHD showed that the drugs only temporarily controlled the symptoms of hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention. As measured by antisocial behavior, arrest rates, and academic achievement, medication didn’t affect long-term change. Are you ready for something real and truly effective? A safe, natural, non drug approach to stabilizing brain function.

Our goal of alternative ADD treatments is to provide success that is long lasting. In order to provide effective, long term treatment, each client receives a personally tailored therapy program. Alternative treatments for ADD include cognitive behavioral therapy, individual talk therapy, group therapy, massage, acupuncture, sauna, yoga, nutritional therapies, exercise, physical training, meditation, vitamins and supplements, lab testing to uncover underlying problems and medical attention to properly manage the entire process. 24/7 support, a compassionate staff, educational courses, and comprehensive aftercare programs are also provided that help individuals maintain the lifestyle they have built with us once they leave our care.

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