Zyprexa Side Effects

Zyprexa Side Effects

Users of this medication commonly have bad Zyprexa side effects experiences, and these bad encounters frequently lead users to another type of side effects with Zyprexa withdrawal symptoms. Alternative to Meds Center addiction treatment facility addresses all aspects of medication withdrawal and other problems. We employ effective methods of Zyprexa side effects help at our treatment center to alleviate medication side effects and withdrawal effects.

Zyprexa can cause severe side effects that can potentially lead to death; Zyprexa side effects in adults and children have been the reason for class action Zyprexa lawsuits against Eli Lilly, the drug company that manufactures this drug. It has trademark side effects of excessive Zyprexa weight gain, diabetes, metabolic diseases, and death. Use of this medication should be discontinued immediately if any of the following side effects occur while taking this drug; fever, racing heart, excessive sweating, involuntary movements, numbness, white sores inside of the mouth, hallucinations, thoughts of suicide, and fainting. Many people overlook side effects or do not think they have anything to do with the prescription drug they take every day, but being aware of the dangerous adverse effects of this medication can be life saving.

Less severe side effects but uncomfortable and unwanted none the less include diabetes, Zyprexa side effects weight gain, metabolic disturbances, nausea, feeling light-headed, slurred speech, chills, unusual thoughts or behaviors, loss of appetite, increased appetite, weakness, feeling tired, insomnia, dizziness, drowsiness, constipation, dry mouth, back pain, swollen hands or feet, and confusion. Every person experiences a different set of side effects, for example, one person may experience insomnia while another person experiences drowsiness and feels tired. Zyprexa is prescribed as a medicinal treatment for mental disorders such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Medicine is meant to heal and cure problems, not exacerbate them with additional side effects.

Zyprexa side effects in children and adults alike are physical and mental, when you have been taking an atypical antipsychotic medication for a long period of time; your body and mind both start to depend on it which leads to another major side effect: Zyprexa withdrawal upon discontinuation. This medication is supposedly not addictive nor habit forming, but if that was true, then why do major withdrawal symptoms emerge upon discontinuance of this drug’s use? This drug may improve psychotic symptoms, balance out mood swings and make the person feel better but once you stop taking the drug, all of the underlying symptoms will very likely still be there and withdrawal symptoms will begin to emerge. Therefore, it is crucial to have Zyprexa side effects help to eliminate withdrawal problems.

A vast amount of people who have been prescribed want to stop taking it because of its severe side effects such as unwanted and excessive Zyprexa weight gain, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic problems and in some cases; death. Lifelong use of Zyprexa has been shown to cause people to die prematurely and despite all of the potentially dangerous risks of side effects; this drug is still actively prescribed. The decision to not take this medication is up to you, but there are more effective and safe Zyprexa alternatives. Since many people who have been prescribed this medication want to get off of it because of its unwanted side effects, it is important to discontinue use of this drug properly.

An antipsychotic should never be abruptly withdrawn from the body without medical supervision, severe withdrawal side effects will undoubtedly emerge. The first step to getting rid of antipsychotic side effects is talking to the doctor who prescribed the medication to you. Some doctors may not agree that it is a good decision to discontinue use of this medication, and in this case, consulting with a rehab center such as our treatment facility is the best available option. No one has to suffer from Zyprexa side effects weight gain or any other problems of any prescription medication. Zyprexa side effects in children or adults can be ended now by slowly weaning this substance out of your system, it is highly recommended to do this under medical supervision.

When a person is given a prescription to an antipsychotic, it is usually during a time when they’ve gone through a psychotic breakdown, or after other prescription drugs have not worked. Though these medications are seemingly effective at the beginning of treatment, they generally are not tolerated well after long-term use. A person who is medicated on an antipsychotic is likely to feel incapable of functioning in their life as they would really like to, they may find it hard to set goals or perceive feelings of reward. Some people will endure these negative side effects in order to avoid continued visits to hospitals, or suffering from an inability to sleep in a case of insomnia. Therefore, many stay on the medication.

Our addiction treatment programs focus on helping people to overcome dependence to prescription medications, other drugs or alcohol. Our program includes lab tests that can ident possible causes of the original issues, stabilization of neurochemistry with substances that are natural, IV amino acid therapies, nutritional therapy, massage therapy, yoga, personal training, exercise, removal of neurotoxins that have been environmentally accumulated, and holistic therapies are used to address anticipated side effects. When the individual begins to experience stability and sedation resulting from the therapies, their Zyprexa dosage can be gradually reduced. We encourage you to call us and talk, and get an understanding of the kinds of Zyprexa side effects help that are offered.

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