Ziprasidone Alternatives

Ziprasidone Alternatives

Ziprasidone alternatives provide new hope at Alternatives to Med Center, where we apply holistic therapy and a range of techniques to identify and correct the root-causes of neurochemical imbalances, which are unique to each client.

When is Ziprasidone prescribed?

Ziprasidone is an atypical, second generation antipsychotic. Doctors commonly prescribe Ziprasidone to treat symptoms of Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Those suffering from these conditions often turn to antipsychotics, such as Ziprasidone, when other medications have been ineffective or when side effects are unbearable. Doctors also commonly prescribe Ziprasidone after a patient has experienced a psychotic break. When a patient on Ziprasidone does not reduce their symptoms, sometimes the doctor will try other antipsychotic medications as an "alternative" approach.

However, most if not all of the antipsychotic medications will cause the very same side-effects that have proved unbearable for the individual.

Ziprasidone- Not Recommended for Schizophrenia?

For persons seeking to manage symptoms and unbearable side effects, of schizophrenia, alternatives to antipsychotic treatment such as Ziprasidone, can be crucial. While antipsychotic medications treat symptoms of schizophrenia, these treatments do not treat the underlying causes of distress in the body. While symptoms may be relieved during the early stages of treatment from Ziprasidone and similar mood stabilizers, long-term effectiveness tends to drop off over time. A drug like Ziprasidone can cause dependence and severe withdrawal as well.

The root-causes of mental symptoms are unique to the individual and, therefore, alternatives to Ziprasidone should be uniquely assigned. Medications are not the only solutions to mental health problems.

What are the possible causes of mental health symptoms?

Users of Ziprasidone and similar medicines have difficulty in setting and achieving life goals by way of accurately perceiving and seeking reward. While each person is different, the reason for this difficulty is often an imbalance of dopamine. Because dopamine is the brain’s reward neurochemical, increased levels of dopamine result in feelings of over stimulation and mania.

Conversely, antipsychotics like Ziprasidone block dopamine, relieving the over stimulation and manic episodes, but prevent the perception of reward. Before taking antipsychotic medication, individuals with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder experience too much stimulation. But after taking medication, these individuals do not experience enough stimulation. As such, correcting dopamine imbalance can restore the healthy levels of reward perception. Causes of dopamine imbalance may include nutrient deficiency (lack of Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Zinc, or Niacin), exposure to toxins, preservatives, low blood sugar, or genetic dispositions.

What are Alternatives to Medication?

We apply holistic therapy and a range of techniques to identify the causes of a person's neurochemical imbalances. We have found that toxicity ranks first as the cause of imbalances, so our medical professionals conduct lab tests to identify toxins that are present. Then our clinical team draws up an individualized detoxification plan. Individuals previously taking antipsychotics and other mood stabilizers will often have increased toxicity levels as a result of taking these drugs. We apply carefully selected tapering methods to help individuals reduce and eventually end medications.

Natural substances, specific supplements, and IV amino acid therapies are introduced to stabilize the neurochemistry and aid in the removal of damaging toxins. As part of this process, we engage individuals in a program of reduced sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and all processed foods. In addition to these detoxification and nutritional therapies, we employ programs that include physical activity (such as yoga and personal training), massage, and peer support to creative a multi-faceted holistic treatment plan that uses Ziprasidone alternatives.

We welcome you to call our center and learn more about these life-changing therapies known as Ziprasidone alternatives.

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