Risperdal Side Effects

Risperdal Side Effects

Antipsychotic side effects plague many lives; some individuals may continue to take the drug despite bothersome side effects to avoid psychotic episodes and other symptoms associated with mental disorders.

Others who take this medication may find it ineffective, become physically dependent upon it, or experience serious withdrawal symptoms if the drug is discontinued. At Alternative to Meds Center, we provide professional Risperdal side effects help to assist individuals in alleviating any problems related to this medication.

In clinical studies researching Risperdal side effects, the most common included: drowsiness in up to 67% of people taking this drug, increased appetite in up to 49%, upper respiratory infections in up to 34%, fatigue in up to 30%, agitation in up to 26%, insomnia in up to 26%, increased salivation in up to 22%, anxiety in up to 20%, dizziness in up to 16%, nausea in up to 16%, and headaches can occur in up to 14% of individuals who take this drug.

All side effects should be taken seriously and be reported to a healthcare professional. For one, no one has to suffer from side effects as there are many Risperdal alternatives to prescription drugs. Secondly, side effects or any health ailment that appears while using this drug may have the potential of becoming harmful to your health. Other common side effects of Risperdal, found to occur in 1-13% of individuals who take this medication, include: dry mouth, constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, heartburn, vomiting, runny or irritated nose, sore throat, difficulty controlling bladder, vision changes, weight gain, back pain, joint pain, chest pain, muscle pain, toothaches, sinus infections, coughing, fever, dry skin, decreased concentration, confusion, sexual problems, and acne.

Though all side effects may have a potential to be harmful and all antipsychotic side effects should be reported, some Risperdal adverse effects are known as serious and should receive medical attention, these side effects include: signs of diabetes, such as increased thirst, high blood sugar, extreme hunger, and/or frequent urination; rapid or extreme weight gain, suicidal thoughts, depression, tachycardia (rapid heart rate), hypertension (high blood pressure), dizziness or fainting when standing up, uncontrollable muscle contractions, internal jitteriness, restlessness, enlargement of breasts, breast pain in men, and any abnormal muscle movements (such abnormal movements may become permanent if use of this medication is not stopped immediately.

Antipsychotic side effects that are less common occurring in up to 2% of users of this medication include but are not limited to: nightmares, vertigo (spinning sensation), yawning, gas, leg cramps, canker sores, pneumonia, increased or decreased sweating, anemia, asthma, tinnitus (ringing in ears), hair loss, gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), high triglycerides, and the risk of serious and potentially fatal side effects such as heart failure or stroke may be increased when this drug is given to elderly patients with dementia. Risperdal is also known as Risperidone, and belongs to a class of medications called atypical (second-generation) antipsychotics. If you suffer with Risperdal antipsychotic side effects and other problems associated with antipsychotics, you may consider professional Risperdal side effects treatment.

At Alternative to Meds Center, medical professionals work to help an individual reduce side effects, independence and withdrawal from antipsychotic. In order to abate side effects; careful tapering techniques are used for successful Risperdal withdrawal. Additionally, our program uses lab testing to find what might have caused original symptoms (toxicity is usually found as the culprit), stabilization of neurochemistry with natural substances, cleansing of accumulated neurotoxins, targeted nutritional therapy such as IV amino therapy, peer support, massage, personal exercise training, yoga, and more holistic therapies which can address withdrawal symptoms and side effects. When the individual is stabilized and sedated due to the therapies, Risperdal can be slowly reduced from the system. Understand more about underlying causes for why antipsychotics might have been prescribed, and how we can provide professional and successful Risperdal side effects help.

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