Olanzapine Withdrawal

Olanzapine Withdrawal

Those who are suffering with Olanzapine withdrawal symptoms may be facing one of the most difficult medication withdrawals. 

At Alternative to Meds Center, we have discovered many ways of Olanzapine withdrawal help which simplify  this process and alleviate symptoms of antipsychotic withdrawal. We realize that better solutions are available than a lifetime with antipsychotic medicating and repetitive hospital visits. Wouldn’t you love to see yourself, or one of your loved ones live the life you know is completely possible?

Olanzapine, commonly known as Zyprexa, is a prescription medication that is used for the treatment of psychotic symptoms such as delusions or hallucinations seen in schizophrenia, and though this medication is not supposed to be addicting and Olanzapine abuse rarely occurs, serious Olanzapine withdrawal symptoms can occur if you suddenly stop taking this medication or play around with the dose without taking to a doctor first. Your brain needs time to adjust when you get off of Olanzapine. As with most medications, serious side effects will likely occur if you do not have Olanzapine withdrawal treatment. The very reasons you started taking this medication can reappear.

You may experience twitching and shakiness. Unruly and annoying side effects may appear. Withdrawal medication symptoms can be managed and prevented by consulting a professional and partaking in a gradual and slow Olanzapine discontinuation. You may experience both mental and physical effects of coming off of this drug because you have built up an Olanzapine addiction. These withdrawal drug effects can occur because the body has gotten used to taking this drug. You no longer feel good and the old symptoms come back from the original problem. Your body is aware of this and in essence, misses the effects of the drug.

Olanzapine side effects are known to cause diabetes and significant weight gain. For these reasons alone, people taking this medication often wish to get off of it. However, Olanzapine withdrawal help is needed for this process. Otherwise, common withdrawal side effects that people experience when they withdraw without help include: difficulty sleeping, Olanzapine withdrawal depression, sweating, tremors, flu-like symptoms, anxiety and muscle pain. For some people it is very difficult to differentiate between withdrawal symptoms that are chemical and the psychological fear of what happens when you decide to stop taking something that you feel has helped you for so long. Though this drug does not appear to have any extreme withdrawal symptoms, one major effect of getting off of this drug without help is the reappearance of the symptoms which led to Olanzapine abuse in the first place. These withdrawal side effects might not improve over time, because they may be symptoms from the underlying disorder (schizophrenia or bipolar disorder).

In order to reduce the risk of severe antipsychotic withdrawal symptoms, a medical doctor is involved in the Olanzapine tapering at Alternative to Meds Center. Weaning off of this drug slowly is the recommended path; along with many complimentary therapies and cessation to reduce withdraw time and severity. Because of the potentially serious Olanzapine withdrawal medication side effects that occur from taking this medication, antipsychotic withdrawal may be necessary. Abrupt Olanzapine discontinuation can be very dangerous. Many people try on their own to come off psychotropic drugs only to discover that it is too overwhelming to handle the anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, and flu like symptoms or brain zaps. These side effects can truly be debilitating when a person does not have Olanzapine withdrawal treatment.

It is totally possible to re-gain control over your life. At Alternative to Meds Center, we help people to reduce their dependence on psychiatric drugs. When the individual is stable and sedated from all of our natural treatments, their medication can be comfortably reduced, but adjusted if needed.

This is done through neurochemistry stabilization, cessation or accumulated neurotoxins that may have led to the symptoms which resulted in being medicated in the first place, targeted nutritional therapy, peer support, cognitive behavioral therapy, massage, yoga, meditation, sauna, acupuncture, and many other therapies targeted to offer relief from withdrawal.

Alternative to Meds Center finds success every day. Every week, we hold graduation gatherings that celebrate participant success. Around 50 individuals attend, which include family, friends, and fellow residents. Some really unbelievable stories have been told at our celebration events, sometimes telling about decades of absurd struggling with clarity that is astonishing. For us, it is inspiring to see this with the knowledge that they have all the skills to sustain a life that is healthy and happy and be an encouragement to others. So we invite you to call us and talk, and get an idea about the kind of Olanzapine withdrawal help which is available.

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