Lithium Alternatives

Lithium Alternatives

At Alternative to Meds Center, we provide methods of Lithium alternatives help that may be better than living a life medicated on psychiatric medication.

Do you wish that you could see your loved one or yourself live a life which you know is achievable?

The individual medicated on Lithium often feels incapable of functioning in life like they want to, find setting goals to be hard, and have difficulty perceiving reward; these side effects (among other things) are some of the reasons why antipsychotic alternatives exist and are being actively searched for to overcome dangerous side effects, ineffectiveness, and health risks. Lithium carbonate is an antipsychotic prescribed for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, manic depressive disorder, and other psychoses. So for starters, one main backbone of an effective Lithium carbonate alternatives plan is counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, or any type of talk therapy. Patients have displayed major progress in as little as a 10 to 20 week period from talk therapy alone. In our rehab, we employ cognitive behavioral therapy in combination with many effective alternatives to create successful treatment plans.

Antipsychotic drugs including Lithium have many un-welcomed side effects, some of which worsen the mental conditions which the drug is meant to treat, and sometimes just the antipsychotic drug itself can make mental health worse. These drugs are also prescribed to children, and one of the side effects most common to occur especially during the first one to two months of taking the antipsychotic is suicidal thoughts or behaviors. Children and adults alike can overcome mental conditions without psychiatric drugs. In fact, Lithium natural alternatives should be tried before psychiatric drugs are ever dispensed however, it is usually the opposite. Persons are typically prescribed the psychiatric drug first and then become curious about psychiatric medication alternatives.

No person needs to suffer with discomforting side effects, psychiatric medication dependence or withdrawal symptoms from Lithium carbonate, as there are Lithium carbonate alternatives. Alternative treatment plans often contain more than only one treatment, usually; an effective alternative is made up of a few therapies combined.

As mentioned earlier, counseling or other kinds of talk therapy are often one of the important parts in Lithium alternative medicine treatments. In talk therapy, clients can open up and express themselves honestly, face and rationalize their fears, learn about and understand their mental condition, understand triggers, and learn how to prevent themselves from being triggered. The results can become even more positive when other therapies are used, including nutritional therapy, dietary changes, and other lifestyle changes such as exercise, and healing therapies like massage, yoga, acupuncture, and meditation. Lithium alternatives treatment is provided at our drug treatment facility to help people make a comfortable transition when switching to an alternative.

Cleansing the body of built up toxins can also add to the effectiveness of treating mental health conditions without prescription drugs, especially when prescription meds have already been consumed. The toxins that psychiatric medications can leave behind must be cleared out to achieve the most advantageous state of health. Reducing or removing certain things out of your life may also help to balance your mental health, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, sugar, and processed foods can have negative effects on mental health. We often forget that our minds are affected in the same way by a poor diet that our bodies are. Another core aspect of alternatively managing mental health is often finding out what the underlying causes may be of the original symptoms that resulted in being medicated.

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