Lithium Addiction

Lithium Addiction

Alternative to Meds Center provides alternative solutions to struggling with Lithium addiction symptoms and taking psychiatric medication for a lifetime.

When a person has developed Lithium dependence and has made an aware decision to stop using Lithium, alcohol, or other drugs, but they have not been successful in any attempt to do so without Lithium addiction help, it may become a necessary step to ask for help from a Lithium rehab center to overcome the addiction. And the importance of finding an appropriate form of treatment shouldn’t be underestimated. The first step of getting off of this antipsychotic drug is finding a program that will ensure the most successful methods of treatment, selected to best fit the person’s specific needs. Addiction treatment should address the unique needs of each person. Our drug treatment is customized for each person depending on their specific needs.

There are varying types of abuse, addiction, dependency, and Lithium withdrawal symptoms. Some people often have a history of several previous attempts to end abuse patterns. For individuals who have been repeatedly unsuccessful when trying to achieve Lithium addiction recovery, an inpatient rehab center may prove most fruitful. In research studies, it has been shown that long-term treatment is sometimes more effective for those with a history of multiple attempts at sobriety that were unsuccessful. However, a person may have only had recent history of drug dependency or abuse and they desire to correct this situation, but encounter extreme difficulty doing this on their own. An outpatient treatment program may also be an option for those who have not had long-term struggles with antipsychotic addiction. Our drug rehab provides both inpatient and outpatient programs, as well as Lithium tapering and aftercare.

Persons who have been taking this medication for years, or have been using other drugs or alcohol long-term may have more difficulty when it comes time to withdrawal from their patterns of abuse. The difficulty may have something to do with the fact of their lifestyle consisting of being dependent on an antipsychotic medication for such a long time that it can be challenging to think of living without drugs. An individual of this personality may benefit greatly from attending an inpatient rehabilitation program for Lithium addiction treatment, as this would probably be the most effective initial approach for addressing the situation. This type of Lithium rehab typically involves twenty-four hour care in order to create a supportive environment where the individual can become drug-free.

Lithium carbonate does not cure mania, depression, or bipolar disorder, and can often worsen these conditions. The goal of recovering from Lithium dependence is to return to productive functioning within the family, community, and workplace. While in treatment, individuals receive education about dependency and addiction, relapse and recovery, while also addressing lifestyle changes, and learning how to manage feelings and establish coping skills as well as drug refusal skills. A person is generally medicated with an antipsychotic drug after they have experienced a psychotic breakdown, or if other drugs haven’t worked. These medications, while seemingly effective during the onset, are often not tolerated well for prolonged use.

What are Lithium alternatives? Our drug treatment program includes medical professionals to aid individuals in decreasing dependence to psychiatric medications, alcohol, and other drugs. This is done through the following methods. We first lab test for the possible causes of the original problems, often, we ident toxicity as the culprit. Whether toxicity resulted from their environment or their genetics, we work to clear the toxins out. Supplements known to benefit these individuals are used, as well as supplements which support inhibitory parts of the neurochemistry.

Our drug rehab program also includes the stabilization of neurochemistry through natural substances, targeted nutritional therapy, body detox from collected environmental neurotoxins, IV amino therapy, massage therapy, yoga, personal training, exercise, peer support, and other holistic treatments to address Lithium withdrawal symptoms. Once the person starts to experience the stability and sedation from these therapies, the medication can be slowly reduced (adjusted if needed). Please call us and talk so you can find out an idea of what Lithium addiction help is available.

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