Lamotrigine Withdrawal

Lamotrigine Withdrawal

Alternative to Meds Center provides other solutions besides having to suffer lamotrigine withdrawal symptoms or taking psychiatric drugs for a lifetime. Users of lamotrigine may find great comfort with our methods of lamotrigine withdrawal help.

As with other AEDs (anti-epileptic drugs) it is not recommended that lamotrigine be discontinued abruptly, as this can lead to lamotrigine discontinuation effects such as the possibility of increased seizure frequency in patients who have epilepsy. In clinical research trials, patients suffering Bipolar Disorder experienced seizures not long after abruptly withdrawing from this drug. In conclusion, unless there are safety concerns which require rapid antipsychotic withdrawal, the dosage of this psychiatric drug should slowly be tapered during a course of at the very least 2 weeks, or even over several months. Lamotrigine is also known as Lamictal and is a newer anti-epileptic drug and considered broad, meaning it is prescribed for both generalized-onset and partial-onset epilepsy. Having lamotrigine withdrawal treatment can be critical when this drug is discontinued.

Other than withdrawal seizures, other common symptoms of lamotrigine withdrawal syndrome include major brain fog, dizzy spells, fatigue, lethargy (no energy), weight or appetite changes, and trouble with losing weight, just to name a few. Even after this medication has been tapered off of, individuals often report residual side effects that last long after their active withdrawal phase. This usually occurs because there are still trace amounts of this drug in the body, among other reasons. However, it is very important to remove this drug from the body in the proper way in order to avoid residual lamotrigine withdrawal effects.

People decide to go through lamotrigine withdrawal syndrome for many reasons from pregnancy to switching medications, from side effects to ineffectiveness. Some individuals develop strange rashes from this drug which can cause disability that is permanent or even lead to death. Moreover, Lamictal is not only prescribed for the treatment of epilepsy, it is also given for depression, bipolar disorder, mania, manic depressive disorder, psychosis, and other mood disorders. If individuals are on this medication for bipolar disorder, mania, depression, seizures, or epilepsy, it is important for them to know that they can live normal lives without remaining on this drug. Withdrawing can be a difficult process alone, but finding professional lamotrigine withdrawal help makes antipsychotic withdrawal much easier and much more tolerable.

As mentioned earlier, there is the dangerous possibility of having seizures or other serious lamotrigine withdrawal side effects; therefore it is vital that an individual has medical help to taper them off of their dose comfortably. Other commonly reported antipsychotic withdrawal symptoms include moodiness, feeling like you are going crazy, impatience, brain flashes, nausea, dizziness, irritability, confusion, loss of focus, feeling suicidal, anger, feeling worthless, anxiety, sadness, severe headaches or debilitating migraines, exhaustion, vivid nightmares, irrational decisions, head feeling heavy, hallucinations, extreme hunger, short-term loss of memory, restlessness, loss of balance, crawling skin, and restless leg syndrome. Withdrawing from this drug may not be the easiest of processes, but is made much easier with help, and there are many things that can be done to make withdrawal better. Withdrawal from this drug ultimately can be a great decision which results in finding the underlying causes of depression instead of covering it up with drugs.

We employ the following techniques to effectively withdrawal from these drugs. First, we do lab testing to find root causes of original issues, where we usually find toxicity to be the cause so then; we focus on body detoxification to clear these toxins out. Our rehab program also uses natural substances that are specifically aimed to stabilize the neurochemistry, removal of neurotoxins that have been environmentally accumulated within the body, IV amino acid therapy and additional nutritional therapy, peer support, social support, yoga, personal exercise training, massage therapy, lamotrigine tapering, and other holistic treatments that will address anticipated symptoms of antipsychotic withdrawal. When the individual feels sedated and stable during lamotrigine withdrawal treatment, their medication can slowly be tapered and adjusted as needed. We invite your call so we can talk, and you can receive an idea of the kind of lamotrigine withdrawal help that’s available.

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