Lamictal Withdrawal

Lamictal Withdrawal

People suffering from the troubling experience of Lamictal withdrawal symptoms may be facing one of the most challenging processes of any antipsychotic withdrawal.

At Alternative to Meds Center, we’ve discovered effective ways of providing Lamictal withdrawal help, and relief from withdrawal symptoms. We recognize the fact that other answers exist besides a lifetime of being medicated on antipsychotic, and repeated visits to the hospital.

Lamictal withdrawal effects can be challenging. The withdrawal from the medication may cause over-stimulation to result in the physical body as well as the mood. Lamictal withdrawal fatigue is a very common symptom. Lamictal side effects such as Lamictal rash are also common and bothersome, which often lead people to desire Lamictal discontinuation. Never stop Lamictal cold turkey because antipsychotic withdrawal symptoms can include feeling agitated, depersonalized, anxious, and otherwise manic. People with a history of having seizures may also be at a risk for seizures during discontinuation.

The withdrawal is usually due to an increased accessibility of excitatory amino acids that are re-entering the brain synapse. It is believed by the manufacturer that this medication inhibits the release of excitatory amino acids such as glutamate and aspartate at the synapse. Lamictal causes the body to go out of balance with the synapse receptors. As the body wants to remain in a state of balance, the receptors adjust to the lack of amino acids by becoming more sensitive to subtle change.

The neurology is trying to establish a level amount of stimulation. When that source of stimulation is reduced, in this case the amount of available glutamate and aspartate is reduced, the neurology responds by making the receptors more receptive. The small amount of glutamate and aspartate has a higher chance of exciting the receptor. The neurology will actually respond in this instance by making more receptors. So the drug holds back most of the glutamate and aspartate, but that little bit of excitatory glutamate or aspartate that the drug doesn’t hold back ends up exciting the receptor. This process is also known as drug tolerance.

The Lamictal tapering and body detoxification process: So now you remove the drug, and the flow of excitatory glutamate and aspartate resumes normal availability. You have a normal amount of excitatory chemicals hitting an excessive number of highly receptive receptors. The result is over-stimulation, which often leads to Lamictal withdrawal symptoms such as Lamictal withdrawal anxiety and headaches. However, these symptoms can be greatly limited with the professional and Lamictal withdrawal help provided at Alternative to Meds Center.

While reducing Lamictal dosage and eliminating the medication during Lamictal tapering, an individual will greatly benefit by making reductions slowly. Avoiding stimulants is important too, such as coffee, sugar, refined foods and cigarettes. Adopting an organic and whole food diet is additionally very helpful during Lamictal withdrawal treatment.

It’s important that the person investigate what may have prompted the medication use in the first place. For some that might be hypoglycemia, a food allergy, or a nutrient deficiency. For others it may be heavy metal toxicity. Investigation and correcting the cause is the most certain way to make Lamictal withdrawal treatment comfortable. It also increases the long term success of living a drug free life. We invite you to call us and talk, so you can receive a better understanding of the types of Lamictal withdrawal help available.

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