Lamictal Side Effects

Lamictal Side Effects

Many people who take this medication eventually want Lamictal side effects help to deal with all of the additional problems that this drug can bring, such as Lamictal side effects of withdrawal. Alternative to Meds Center’s treatment facility knows that there are better, more effective and healthier options than continuing to suffer with side effects for the rest of your life.

According to clinical research trials, Lamictal side effects appear to be significantly present among individuals who take this drug. All side effects have the potential to become serious or harmful. Therefore, any adverse effects should be reported to a healthcare professional immediately for Lamictal side effects treatment, no matter the severity. Some users may quietly endure and deal with side effects to avoid repeated trips to the hospital due to extreme insomnia, psychotic episodes and other symptoms related to psychotic disorders. This drug may offer some relief of mental health symptoms for some but for others; Lamictal depression and other side effects only bring additional problems to the situation.

Lamictal, though it may appear effective and free of side effects during onset, is generally not tolerated well for long term use. It is classified as an anticonvulsant and used for treatment of epilepsy, but is also prescribed as a mood stabilizer for several mental health conditions. It is not necessary to stay in the dark with side effects, there are alternative ways of help for mental disorders which do not carry adverse effects and can be substantially more effective than prescription drugs. Individuals medicated on this drug may be unable to live their life at their full capability, find it hard to perceive rewards in life, and have difficulty with setting a goal. Mood-stabilizer side effects can heavily outweigh any good effects that this drug may produce.

Research studies revealed the most common antipsychotic side effects of Lamictal, including dizziness, which occurs in up to 54% of users. Double vision follows dizziness at up to 49%, headaches in up to 29%, problems with coordination in up to 28%, nausea in up to 25%, blurred vision in up to 25%, and vomiting in up to 20%. Other common side effects, found to occur in 5-20% of individuals taking this medication, include: runny or irritated nose, drowsiness, cough, sore throat, insomnia, abdominal pain, weakness, tremor (shakiness), fatigue, back pain, painful menstrual cramps, heartburn, indigestion, flu-like symptoms such as chills and body aches, bronchitis, dry mouth, fever, Lamictal weight gain, weight loss, and constipation. Lamictal side effects help provided by our rehab can help you to eliminate most, if not all of these issues.

Several serious mood-stabilizer side effects are associated with this drug, including but not limited to: Lamictal side effects withdrawal; seizures; suicidal thoughts; depression; Lamictal side effects bipolar; anxiety; unusual bleeding or bruising, and signs of aseptic meningitis such as headaches, stiff neck, chills, fever, vomiting, nausea, confusion, drowsiness, rash, and sensitivity to light. Liver damage may also occur from using this anticonvulsant drug, signs of liver damage include: frequent infections, jaundice (yellow skin or eyes), and severe muscle pain. Dangerous allergic reactions and a very serious Lamictal rash can also occur, such Lamictal rashes can cause significant amounts of the skin to die, disfigurement, and even loss of life. Side effects of this medication found to occur in 5% or less of user include: vaginal irritation or infection, bladder infection, speech problems, concentration problems, loss of appetite, joint pain, neck pain, nervousness, and sensitivity to sunlight, sinus infection, migraines, amnesia, bloody nose, dry skin, and extreme Lamictal weight gain.

Our rehab center works with our doctors to provide Lamictal side effects treatment and help people reduce dependence on psychiatric medications. Our treatment center uses the following methods to abate Lamictal withdrawal side effects. After lab testing for what the underlying causes of symptoms may be, often finding toxicity as the culprit, we then work on clearing the person of these toxins. Our program aims at stabilization of the neurochemistry with natural substances, removal of environmental toxins, IV amino therapy and additional nutritional therapy, massage, yoga, personal training peer support, and other natural therapies to relieve Lamictal withdrawal. You are invited to call us so we can talk, and you can get a better understanding of the Lamictal side effects help offered.

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