Lamictal Addiction

Lamictal Addiction

When a person has developed a Lamictal addiction or dependence, they can experience some difficult withdrawal symptoms.

At the Alternative to Meds Center, we’ve discovered methods of Lamictal addiction help which will simplify the withdrawal, and also help individuals overcome their dependencies and address the underlying problems that led them to medication use. So, what is Lamictal, what are the chances of developing Lamictal dependence, and is this drug safe to use?

Lamictal is a brand name drug for the generic medication name Lamotrigine; it is classified under anticonvulsants that are prescribed for treatment of epileptic disorders. However, this medication is also commonly prescribed to treat bipolar disorder in adults, as an attempt to prevent the mood episodes and swings. There are some medical concerns and dangerous side effects associated with this medication. Medical professionals suggest that the medication dosage is slowly reduced to prevent symptoms of withdrawal when discontinuing a Lamotrigine addiction. In our drug rehab, we provide customized tapering plans for each participant in order to help lessen withdrawal.

This medication has several different possible side effects, some of which are potentially very dangerous and can even be fatal. Some of these more dangerous effects can include a rash on the skin which becomes severe and can be fatal in some cases. Other side effects that need medical attention immediately include a headache, a sore throat, fever, swollen glands, thoughts of hurting other people, or suicidal thoughts. If any one of these side effects present with a rash on the skin which blisters becomes bright red, or peels, it is considered an emergency and can result in permanent damage if not treated immediately.

Some individuals consider these side effects better than having to discontinue their addiction to Lamictal. But most often, users are afraid to end their addiction also because they may fear Lamictal withdrawal pain. When Lamictal withdrawal is done in the correct way, getting off of this medication is surprisingly mild and completely tolerable.

Lamotrigine addiction may occur for a number of reasons. In some instances the user might abuse the medication in an attempt to self medication, which can lead to antipsychotic addiction and physical dependence. This drug is known to be a medication that can help stabilize mood in certain cases, and certain users may abuse the medication to get high or eliminate negative influences on mood. Lamictal addiction help at our treatment center includes cognitive behavioral therapy, detoxification, 24 hour care, educational classes to learn about medication dependency, and much more.

No matter what the reason is for the medication being abused, the abuse can lead to negative consequences including addiction and Lamictal withdrawal. This addiction could have disastrous effects on both the user, their health, but also the Lamictal abuse can affect the people who work with, live with, or others who are close to the user.

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