Invega Alternatives

Invega Alternatives

The program at Alternative to Meds delivers alternative Invega treatments in a comfortable, toxin-free, luxury style setting. Clinicians and therapists are available to provide and teach many holistic methods to overcome mental health issues without taking potentially harmful drugs like Invega.

Invega alternatives can serve several positive outcomes. People may want to avoid suffering from the side effects of the drug, which can be severe.

Those who have begun taking Invega even for a short time, want to avoid the withdrawal symptoms if at all possible, especially noticeable when tapering too quickly. In general, drugs can seem like a double edged sword. Invega can help sedate an out of control situation. But importantly, any antipsychotic drug can cause harmful and significant changes to neurochemistry, thoughts and behavior patterns. Such a situation causes quite a quandary as to what to do to relieve symptoms and leads many to seek alternatives to Invega to resolve their mental health issues.

Invega is an antipsychotic medication, sometimes prescribed for insomnia, bipolar disorder, or for schizophrenia. Doctors prescribe Invega in pill or tablet form or can be injected in a timerelease form once a month. Invega injectable has a very long half life. Sometimes this injection is given without consent and tends to create a nonoptimum situation where a person desires to stop taking it but is unable to do so for fear of the withdrawal effects of Invega.

WARNING: Never stop taking an antipsychotic medication such as Invega cold turkey. Always seek the help of a medical practitioner who is familiar with tapering safely off an antipsychotic medication like Invega.

Here are some of the withdrawal symptoms, especially where Invega is tapered too fast or without preparation:

  • anxiety: Invega dampens emotions, therefore, you may experience significant rebound effects when tapering
  • mood swings such as anger, aggressiveness, crying spells, deepened depression
  • weight gain
  • constipation
  • confusion, inability to concentrate or focus
  • flulike symptoms, i.e., feverish hot flashes, vomiting, body aches, diarrhea, feeling dizzy
  • headache
  • tremors
  • interrupted sleep, insomnia
  • heart irregularities, i.e., palpitations, racing heart
  • thoughts of suicide
  • Parkinsonslike symptoms, such as difficulty walking or staying balanced
  • depersonalization, which is a feeling of being detached from reality, as in a dreamlike state, or outside one's body or losing the concept of selfidentity
  • visual hallucinations, hearing voices, strange or irrational thoughts
  • and much more

Invega Side Effects Can Be Severe

While taking Invega, side effects of the drug can be brutal. Users report these:

  • Akathisia: an unrelenting internal restlessness, a compulsion to be constantly in motion, so intense that it can precipitate suicide
  • Tachycardia: racing heart, even at rest
  • Dyskinesia: uncontrolled and involuntary writhing, head bobbing, tongue rolling, body swaying, etc.
  • Dystonia: involuntary twisting, contorting or repetitive spasmodic motions, i.e., repetitive blinking, distorted mouth movements, twisting of the larynx muscles which can reduce the voice to a whisper or make the voice sound broken. When of the rectum it can cause painful bowel movements. Causes contortions of the hands or feet, which make it impossible to write or to walk, etc.
  • Parkinson's disease
  • insomnia
  • Schizophrenic type symptoms such as hearing voices, hallucinations, irrational fears or ideas of persecution, etc.
  • And much more.

It is no wonder that so many people would rather find alternatives to Invega to treat mental health issues such as insomnia or mood swings.

Invega Alternative Treatments

Alternative to Meds Center provides a holistic mental health program where a person takes part in various drugfree therapies. People can enroll in the inpatient program either during, after, or instead of taking a prescription drug like Invega.

The cleanse is an important first step, as that action alone can reduce and even eliminate the original toxinlinked mental health issues that have happenned as a reaction to toxic load in the body. Lab testing is done to isolate these toxins and ensure their cleanse dislodges these troublesome substances from the body.

A person may be taking a drug like Invega but wishes to come off it either because it is ineffective or the drug is causing detrimental effects on one's quality of life. In either case, the cleanse helps a person to stabilize before beginning their taper. After the taper is complete, the person can go on to the next steps of their holistic mental health program that will address the underlying reasons for their original symptoms. For example, their sleep issues and overall health resolve at least in part, from toxin removal. Actions such as chelation, saunachelation, targeted supplements, and a clean whole foods diet plan all work together to achieve better mental and physical health.

Talk therapy in various formats helps to gently allow a person to face their fears and learn problemsolving strategies in a safe and exploratory setting.

Education is another facet of the program which can help to prepare for a person to reenter regular day to day life after finishing their program. Relaxation techniques are taught, as well as yoga classes, meditation, exercise of a mild nature including outdoor hikes, swimming, and many other therapeutic activities to foster physical and mental vibrancy and energy.

The program at Alternative to Meds delivers alternative Invega treatments in a comfortable, toxinfree, luxury style setting. Clinicians and therapists are available to provide and teach many holistic methods to overcome mental health issues without taking potentially harmful drugs like Invega.

If your goal is to taper from Invega safely or wish to address your mental health issues without using prescription drugs, you can call the wellinformed admissions department who will answer your questions about how to enroll in the program. Call today and request more information concerning available and effective Invega alternatives.

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