Haloperidol Withdrawal

Haloperidol Withdrawal

At Alternative to Meds Center, we know that there are other, better, answers besides a lifetime of haloperidol withdrawal, antipsychotic drugs, and repeated hospital trips.

Haloperidol is also known as Haldol and haloperidol withdrawal symptoms may be some of the worst withdrawal symptoms of any drug. Haloperidol is an approved prescription medication for the treatment of psychotic disorders including schizophrenia, Tourette’s syndrome, and behavioral disorders. Discontinuing its use should only be done with haloperidol withdrawal help; as with most mental illness medications, stopping haloperidol “cold turkey” is not recommended.

The best approach to withdrawing from this medication is to wean gradually from the drug. Haloperidol discontinuation can be difficult and make you feel like a prisoner in your own mind and body. On the surface, the notion of prescribing someone an anti-psychotic medication, is supposed to make people calm and quiet. But the reality is that you can become horrifically violent.

Haloperidol withdrawal effects can be severe and it usually takes intense haloperidol withdrawal treatment to ensure the person safely tapers off the medication. Whatever the motivation, you have a right to free yourself from using psychiatric meds. If you want to safely withdraw from Haldol, it is crucial to have the support of a medical professional. The best way to safely withdraw from this medication is to have the active involvement of a doctor or prescription medication withdrawal specialist who can provide successful haloperidol withdrawal help.

Andrea Yates was a woman living in Texas along with her five children and withdrawing from haloperidol at the time when she drowned her five children. This is one of the scary examples of why anyone enduring this process should have closely monitored haloperidol withdrawal treatment. Haloperidol withdrawal symptoms of cold-turkey, rapid approaches include muscular reactions, nausea, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, and strange behaviors. The reaction to antipsychotic withdrawal can actually be life-threatening. Individuals may even become suicidal or very violent as Andrea Yates demonstrated the day she murdered her five children while she was in withdrawal. Haloperidol withdrawal side effects may also include breathing problems, tightening of the muscles, dry mouth, loss of control of your tongue, blurry vision, and pacing back and forth. A treatment center is the right setting for withdrawing from psychiatric meds.

The best way to prevent haloperidol withdrawal side effects is to reduce the dosage gradually. Remember, psychiatric drugs like Haldol should never be stopped abruptly. The more slowly you can withdraw, the less severe effects you will likely encounter; don’t try to stop taking this medication without haloperidol withdrawal help. You are invited to call and speak with us, and find out the types of help which are available.

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