Haldol Addiction

Haldol Addiction

Alternative to Meds Center is leading the field of Haldol addiction help for those seeking alternatives solutions to antipsychotic dependence.

What is Haldol?

Haldol (Haloperidol) is an antipsychotic, given mostly during episodes of psychosis or when other drugs have failed to relieve symptoms. This antipsychotic is not known as addicting and is rarely abused, however after being on this drug for a long period of time, the body and brain naturally become dependent on this medication. Discontinuing Haldol dependence can be quite difficult without qualified help. Haldol withdrawal symptoms include delusions, hallucinations, shakiness, psychotic episodes, and tremors.

Haldol Complications

Antipsychotic withdrawal can lead to severe side effects, and thus typically requires professional withdrawal help to make sure the medication is reduced safely. Haldol discontinuation symptoms often occurs from the medication producing too many Dopamine receptors and not enough Dopamine. When the medication is stopped, a larger amount of Dopamine is released but needs to reach too many Dopamine receptor sites. Sugar, caffeine, cigarettes and other external stimulators can additionally increase this negative effect.

Since Haldol is treating symptoms rather than treating the cause of symptoms, symptoms usually return with a vengeance if medication use is halted. Because of this, it can appear that Haldol withdrawal is not improving. In reality, the symptoms have simply rebounded. The expertise of a medication withdrawal and mental health center is commonly required to rectify this situation.

What are the alternatives?

Alternative to Meds Center provides medically supervised Haldol tapering for people who wish to transition to Haldol alternatives treatment. Our first concern is comfort and safety, therefore we create entirely customized tapering plans for each unique scenario. There are other answers available besides being medicated with psycho-pharmaceuticals for the rest of you life. We realize many people are told that they will always need to be on medication, this is not likely the case. To successfully treat the symptoms Haldol is prescribed for, an investigatory process into the underlying reasons for these symptoms is normally necessary.

Individuals are initially lab tested so we can view any hidden sources of mental and physical distress. Test results almost always show some level of toxicity as a main factor, sometimes stemming from the individual’s genetics or external environment. From this point, we create customized plans to work towards clearing these toxins out and remedying genetic barriers. To do this, we limit sugar, caffeine, processed foods, and other excitatory substances. Supplements, nutrients, and vitamins are provided on an individualized basis to start the healing process and prevent or reduce potential withdrawal effects.

Treating the cause, not the effect.

All of our treatments and modalities work together to establish a stable neurochemistry and gently clear neurotoxins from the body including built up toxins from the environment around us. Staff and peer support, exercise, sauna, nutritional therapies, massage, Qi Gong, colonics, amino acid treatments, yoga, and many other holistic therapies provide the best possible environment to overcome Haldol addiction and truly heal mental health problems.

We experience new success each day. Weekly graduations honor extraordinary achievements. At our graduations, some of the most incredible tales are heard. Some people suffer for years before coming to us and finding clarity and relief. This continues to inspire us, knowing our residents leave here with everything they need to be happy and successful without medication. We invite you to call us to learn more about Haldol withdrawal addiction treatment and alternatives to psychiatric medication.

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