Clozaril Alternatives

Clozaril Alternatives

At Alternative to Meds Center, we realize that there are sustainable Clozaril alternatives, better answers besides a life of being medicated.

What is Clozaril?

Clozaril, known as Clozapine, is prescribed for schizophrenia, usually following a psychotic episode or after other medications have failed to be effective. While these medications typically provide some relief during the beginning, prolonged use can render them ineffective and intolerable due to side effects, physical dependence, and withdrawal symptoms.

Why is Clozaril prescribed?

The reasons why an individual may experience psychosis differs on a case-to-case basis. However, dopamine is often the culprit. Dopamine controls feelings of reward. Too much dopamine can cause feelings of mania and over stimulation. Excessive dopamine can result from a neurology excited by toxins. This can occur after an exposure to toxins, or genetic issues concerning the way toxins are eliminated. As an example, a poorly working methylator cannot properly eliminate heavy metals, thereby storing them in the tissues of the brain and nerves.

Benefits of Clozaril Alternatives.

People taking antipsychotics generally find it difficult to perform in life at their fullest, have challenges with creating and obtaining goals, and have a hard time feeling the reward of life. Such effects are too commonly thought of as more desirable than managing antipsychotic withdrawal, feeling manic, or suffering with insomnia; so many people remain on their medication. While it’s crucial to have help when seeking alternatives to Clozaril, other answers are available. We provide other solutions than taking medication for the rest of your life. Do you wish to live your live more fully, experience reward, and not depend on medication?

How does Alternative to Meds Center help people get off Clozaril?

We provide a full-spectrum approach to medication reduction and mental health. Our medical professionals lab test to see potential causes of the original mental health symptoms, where toxicity is commonly determined as a major contributor, and gently clearing these toxins out becomes a focus of treatment. Caffeine, sugar, and processed foods are among the things we restrict while supplements, vitamins, and natural substances are employed to support the neurochemistry.

Our program uses body detoxification techniques such as sauna therapy, colonics, and customized vitamin therapies to remove neurotoxins and provide physical support. Expertly designed medication withdrawal methods make discontinuing Clozaril as comfortable and easy as possible. Peer support, counseling, group therapy, yoga, massage, hiking, exercise, Qi Gong, and dozens of other holistic treatments pave the way for a lifetime of health and happiness, without medication. Call us today and learn more about Clozaril alternatives help.

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Watch the video of how Ryan was trapped on antipsychotics and in and out of hospitals for 10 years and gets free ...

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